How to relieve back pain after giving birth?

Moms are the most tiring to change diapers to the baby on the bed.Most mothers choose to do this job on the bed or on the sofa, but because the height is not suitable, the waist will often be in a state of labor.Therefore, it is recommended that mothers buy a special workbench, and the baby’s workbench will use thousands of times until he grows up.

Reasons for postpartum backache back pain

Improper posture and habits increase the symptoms: postpartum mommy has some postures, movements, and habits, and will also increase the degree of back pain. The most common is the poor posture of the baby. Especially during breastfeeding, mommy will hold the baby on the stomach.On the other hand, "move your baby with the breast", so it will be a bit bent and hump, so it is easy to feel back pain.

Blood loss and gas consumption: During the entire pregnancy period and during the birth of a child, women need to have blood loss and gas consumption to varying degrees, and then induced the adverse symptoms such as blood loss and kidney deficiency.It needs to be treated early when the condition is not serious.

Back -back strain: Due to the needs of postpartum feeding, women often do not rest well, and over time can induce the occurrence of bad symptoms such as waist strain.In order to reduce the effect of breastfeeding, it is recommended that women may use sleeping positions to feed their children when breastfeeding.

How to alleviate the sore back of the birth

1. Academy of muscles such as the back of the back can be treated with hot compresses, massage, or soaking hot baths. These methods can promote blood circulation, relax the muscles and reduce pain and fatigue.In addition, pay attention to proper rest to avoid a lot of labor.

2. If you find the back when you wake up, you can try to put the pillow or rolled towels above the leg when you sleep to reduce the pain and discomfort on the back.

3. If the back pain is severe or developed into persistent pain, then go to the hospital for examination and treat early.Otherwise, the back problems will evolve into chronic diseases, and it is difficult to correct it.

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