How to reduce pregnancy risk?What is the difference between composite vitamins and folic acid?Mom is best to see

Women who prepare for pregnancy know that they need to supplement vitamins and folic acid, but what are the benefits of vitamins?A few days ago, some studies have stated that taking composite vitamins during pregnancy can significantly reduce the risk of adverse pregnancy during pregnancy, and it is especially important to supplement composite vitamins in early pregnancy.

Is our common composite vitamins and folic acid the same?Is folic acid and composite vitamins the same?Can I take it together?

First of all, composite vitamins are not folic acid, but contain folic acid ingredients. Moms can easily confuse the concepts and functions of these two. First of all, their components are different, and they are different.of.The same city meeting recommends that expectant mothers who are pregnant to 3 months of pregnancy take folic acid, and then use composite vitamins.

Folic acid is also a type of vitamins. Folic acid plays a very important role in the normal development of the baby. It can effectively prevent the fetal deformity of the fetus, reduce the chance of the birth of the malformed baby, and increase the chance of conception to a certain extent during women’s pregnancy.It is recommended that women prepare for pregnancy and pregnancy.

At present, there are still defects in my country. With the gradual increase of older second -born mothers, we must pay more attention to supplement folic acid to prevent the birth of deformities.So how to make up folic acid or composite vitamins during pregnancy?

Some experts said that the occurrence of birth defects such as fetal nerve tube deformity is mainly due to folic acid deficiency. In the early stages of pregnancy, some important organs of the fetus were formed. Pregnant mothers should be prepared.Add 3 months before pregnancy.

In addition to folic acid, composite vitamins also have many vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and so on.These comprehensive elements are also helpful for mothers and fetuses, which meets the supplements of vitamins and minerals when women are pregnant, postpartum, etc.

The existence of these vitamin minerals can also effectively prevent and reduce other birth defects except neural tube deformities, and can also prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency and lack of folic acid during pregnancy.

For different pregnant women, the amount of folic acid is also different.

For example, there are expectant mothers with a history of neurotic defects, and it is recommended to add 4mg folic acid daily from one month of pregnancy.

Women containing diabetes, obesity and epilepsy are recommended to supplement folic acid from 3 months before pregnancy, and add 0.8-1.0mg folic acid daily.

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