How to reduce frequent urination during pregnancy and teach you 5 tricks to get rid of the embarrassment of frequent urination during pregnancy

How to reduce frequent urination during pregnancy and teach you 5 tricks to get rid of the embarrassment of frequent urination during pregnancy

How annoying is the frequent urination during pregnancy?Let’s take a look at what pregnant mothers say

Netizens old man Bodhicatta Remembrance:

I have n’t slept for three hours for several months, and I will never go to the toilet once every three hours on time. I do n’t need an alarm clock. I can predict that I am asleep now, and I wake up when I wait for the next few points.

Netizens 41818207571:

I just took a bath the night before, nausea and vomiting, excessive force, and leaked directly. I watched my husband particularly innocently. My husband said it was okay. I changed me to wash.

Where is the warm winter of netizens:

I am going crazy. I only drink a glass of water for more than three months. I have a toilet once a day for half an hour during the day. I sleep at night. I want to go to the toilet as soon as I lie down.

Most of the pregnant mothers have an embarrassing moment when they have encountered urination. They often dream in the middle of the night because they can’t hold the urine. These experiences should feel!I hate frequent urination during pregnancy.So how to do frequent urination during pregnancy and how to reduce frequent urination during pregnancy.Today, the ceramic mother will take a look with everyone!

Frequent urination is a common phenomenon of pregnancy. Due to the increase in the metabolites of the mother’s body after pregnancy, the fetal metabolites also need to be discharged by the mother.This greatly increases the workingload of the mother’s kidneys and increases the urine output of pregnant mothers.In the middle and late pregnancy, the bladder capacity is reduced due to the gradual increase of the uterus or the decline of the fetal head.Even if there is a little urine, it will cause the pregnant mother to have urine, and there is always a feeling of urination.

Frequent urination is the normal phenomenon of pregnancy, and pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.As long as this kind of frequent urination is accompanied by urgency and dysuria, there is no abnormal discovery of urine tests, and no treatment is required.It will not have any impact on the fetus.However, the urinary system infection caused by other causes during pregnancy will also have frequent urination, accompanied by urgency and dysuria, and abnormal urine examination. In this case, you need to go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

Frequent urination is always so embarrassing and disgusting. Some pregnant mothers use urinary urination and drink less water to deal with. In fact, these two coping methods are not desirable and have an impact on pregnant mothers.

1. Urinary urination will increase the workload of the kidneys.The long stay for toxic substances in the body can easily cause infection or stones of the urinary system of pregnant mothers, which may cause renal damage in severe cases.Therefore, pregnant mothers should urinate in time to urinate and urinate, do not urinate.Pregnant mothers have hematuria, dysuria, hot urine, abdominal discomfort or pain.It may be a typical symptoms caused by urination.

2. Drink less water.The guarantee of sufficient water during pregnancy is important for pregnant mothers and fetuses.The mother’s metabolism and the supply of amniotic fluid in the fetus require a lot of the same water. Drinking plenty of water can reduce the occurrence of constipation and make the skin of the pregnant mother smoother.Multiple urination can also reduce the possibility of urinary tract infection.After understanding the importance of drinking water, pregnant mothers cannot drink less water, and they should also consume sufficient water every day (eight cups of water per day).In order to avoid frequent urination at night, you can drink less water before going to bed.

What should I do if I do frequently during pregnancy and how to reduce frequent urination during pregnancy?Teach you 5 tricks to get rid of the embarrassment of frequent urination during pregnancy.

1. Do the anal reduction exercise, so that you can train the pelvic floor muscle tension to help control urination.There are often conscious training, the muscles around the pelvic cavity, the time of shrinking and delaying shrinking, and then relaxing repeated exercises.This helps prevent stress urinary incontinence and avoid leakage of urine after force in the third trimester.

2. In the early and late stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should eat less diuretic foods, especially at night to eat less diuretic foods, such as: watermelon, Harry, winter melon, kelp, corn beard, etc. to avoid eating more.

3. Reasonable water supplement, you can try to add more water during the day.Drink as little water after dinner or before going to bed at night, so that you can reduce the number of times at night to go to the toilet and make the pregnant mother have a good sleep.

4. Pregnant mothers can use pads or paper towels during pregnancy.This can avoid the embarrassment of leakage due to cough or sneezing.However, Momo Mom also reminded pregnant mothers that she must change the pads frequently, and they cannot be used for too long.Avoid bacterial infections.

5. Do not urinate. When you have urine, you must go to the toilet immediately and make it as soon as possible.Avoid toxic substances from accumulating in the body, causing urinary tract infections.As a result, it is impossible to urinate by itself.

Here is a trick when urinating.Put your body forward so that you can help you completely empty the urine in the bladder.Thereby reducing the number of frequency of urine.Ceramic mothers warmly remind: Pregnant mothers should not ignore pathological frequent pathological urination, hematuria, difficulty in urination, hot urine, abdominal discomfort or pain, etc., they should seek medical treatment immediately.What else do you think and suggestions?Welcome to leave a comment below and look forward to your reply.

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