How to reduce fire during pregnancy can not affect the baby in the stomach!

Fire is a special term for traditional Chinese medicine. It describes certain thermal symptoms on the body, such as dry throat pain, red red red red, nasal hot drying, dry mouth pain, rotten mouth, yellow nose, toothache, etc.Symptoms, this is a real fire.Generally speaking, "

"Fire refers to" heat ", which is similar to the" inflammation "in Western medicine.

So, how does "fire" produce?

The first is that "getting angry" is more likely to occur when it is dry climate and hot and hot weather.The weather was too hot, and the sensitive small nerves of pregnant mothers couldn’t withstand high temperature teasing, so the inner fire was strong and angry.

First, due to the different effects of various hormones, nutrient distribution, and blood circulation changes, the symptoms of fire caused by the disorders of yin and yang.

October bacterial science popularization: Lantic fire is like a land that requires a little water. Such land is just a bit dry, you just water it.But the virtual fire is different. It seems that the land that is cracked. Because of the lack of water, the watering cannot be absorbed and it overflows it. This is not a lack of water, but it is necessary to use loose soil, that is, "dredging" to achieve the purpose of absorbing water to absorb water.Essence

Therefore, the fire can be directly reduced, and the virtual fire needs to be dredged and conditioned.General solid fire can achieve the purpose of reducing fire through food regulation, but "virtual fire" needs to be mild conditioning. It is recommended that pregnant mothers consult the doctor according to their own situation.

It is a common phenomenon that pregnant women have actual fire, but whether it affects the baby’s no study to confirm it, and the pregnant mother’s fire can easily cause constipation, but the pregnant mother’s constipation will affect the baby.

After pregnant women have constipation, they have a sense of defecation all day but they cannot be discharged, which causes bowels, which makes her body uncomfortable. Not only is she mood poor, but her appetite is also greatly affected.

During constipation, the water in the feces is re -absorbed by the intestine, causing the feces to be more dry.In this way, it is easy to cause damage to the intestinal mucosa during bowel movements, blood in the stool, and cause or aggravate the original hemorrhoids.

October fungus teaches you to prevent high temperature on high temperature TIP

1. Sun protection during pregnancy is important.When going out, hold an umbrella or bring a sun hat, and try not to stay in the sun out of the sun for a long time.

2. Keep the indoor temperature appropriate, not dry and wet.It is best to keep the indoor temperature at 23 ° C-28 ° C in summer, and the humidity is kept between 40%-60%to prevent external fire from invasion.

3. Hang the wet curtain.When the outdoor air is relatively dry, soak the curtains or hang a wet bath towel in the window. The evaporative water will make the breeze blowing in a cool and pleasant.Curtain or shutter window should be selected as strong white as much as possible, which can block 45%of the heat out of the window.

4. Go to bed early! October bacteria reminds pregnant mothers that the season when summer and autumn need to ensure that sleeping before 23 o’clock.Coupled with the hot weather, after 23 o’clock, it is easy to have the emotional irritability of "should not sleep".

Fire starting from the stomach

1. Drink plenty of water, drink plenty of water, drink plenty of water, and say important things three times!Drinking some milk appropriately can also add a lot of sweat

And the loss of water.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Rough grain, rich in vitamins, helps improve ulcers caused by fire.Eat some easy -to -digest foods, eat less spicy, fried, and greasy foods.

3. "Bitter" food is the natural enemy of "fire", so pregnant mothers can use ingredients such as bitter gourd, bitter vegetables, celery and other ingredients in moderation.In addition, foods such as almonds and Kudingcha can clear heat and relieve heat.

4. Eat more foods rich in organic acids, such as yogurt and so on.

Nothing can be bigger than pregnant mothers and fetal treasures?

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