How to recover quickly after cesarean section

Although the cesarean section is safer, it will bring us a lot of sequelae, so during the confinement period, we must do a good job of nursing. So how much do you know about the care after cesarean section?

1. Strengthening self -care after surgery is important for smooth recovery.

2. With the infusion within three days after surgery to make up for the water and correct the dehydration state.Six hours after surgery, you can eat some liquid foods such as stewed eggs, egg flower soup, and pouring powder.The next day after surgery, you can eat semi -current foods such as porridge, catfish soup.

3. Early activity is an important measure to prevent intestinal adhesion, thrombosis, and sudden death.After the anesthesia disappears, the upper and lower limbs can do some storage movements, and you can get up six hours after surgery.

4. During a cesarean section, there are more uterine bleeding. Pay attention to the amount of vaginal bleeding.

5. When coughing, nausea, and vomiting, you should press on both sides of the wound to prevent the stitching from broken.

6. Generally, the rejuvenation can be removed on the second day of the surgery, and the urinary tube can be removed. 3 to 4 hours after removal should be urinated in time.I ca n’t solve the bed in bed. I should get up to the toilet. If I do n’t work, I should tell the doctor until it can be unobstructed.

7. If the body temperature exceeds 37.4 ° C, it is not advisable to be discharged forcibly.Within a week when I go home, it is best to test the temperature once in the afternoon in order to detect low heat and deal with it in time.

8. Beware of postpartum bleeding in the early stages of mind: If the lochia increases significantly after returning home, you should seek medical treatment in time, especially those who live in rural areas of rural areas should be more earlier.It is best to go directly to the original delivery hospital for treatment.

9. Time to take contraceptive measures in a timely manner: Generally, the intercourse starts after 42 days after giving birth and the dew is completely clean.In the early stage, a condom should be used. 3 months after delivery should go to the original surgery hospital to release the ring.Because if you have an artificial abortion, it will be particularly dangerous.

10. Pay attention to the pain during menstrual period: The endometriosis of the wound is visible, which is manifested as continuous pain at the menstrual wound, and it is severe in January January, and there may be hard blocks in the later stage.Once such symptoms occur, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Nursing after cesarean section is very important, and dietary measures must be taken.So, how to eat a caesarean section?

1. Take 5 grams of angelica, 3 grams of astragalus, and 5 grams of grass. Use these three -flavored Chinese medicine to cook a bowl of pills every day. Add a spoon to the various foods that the maternal eats.It plays the role of qi and blood and milk.At the same time, the amount of Sanwei Chinese medicine is not large, suitable for people with weak bodies to slowly replenish, and they will not get angry.

2. Wash the red dates and stir fry until the skin is black. Put it in a bottle to be used. Take 4 to 6 capsules of red dates and 4 to 6 capsules per day.People with heavy fires can drink 6 to 10 Chinese wolfberry.The red dates have the effect of warming the stomach after frying through the iron pot. At the same time, the red dates after frying can easily be soaked and can fully use their nutritional ingredients.The role.

3. Take 1 catties of catfish, half a pound of lean pork, put 5 to 8 pieces of ginger, 2 to 3 green onions, 10 petals, and then add condiment braised. The role can treat soreness, soft waist and knees, weak limbs, etc.

In addition, eat high -protein foods such as lamb, beef, sea fish, sea shrimp, sea cucumber and fresh vegetables and fruits, and try not to eat anti -season vegetables and fruits.Ci Gu, amaranth, bitter gourd, etc., mothers should try not to eat or eat less.

Points of postpartum diet

1. Eat eggs for an appropriate amount

The nutritional value of eggs is very high, and it is rich in nutrients such as protein, fat, lecithin, yolk, calcium, iron, and vitamin A. Among them, fat is easily digested and absorbed by the human body.The important role is especially suitable for mothers. You can eat eggs, fried eggs, fried eggs, egg soup or egg custard.

But the more eggs are not eating, the better. Some new mothers eat more than a dozen eggs a day, which not only cannot absorb, but also affects the body’s intake of other nutrients. It is enough to eat 3 to 4 a day.Especially within a few hours after childbirth, it is best not to eat eggs, because the physical energy consumption is large, sweaty, insufficient body fluid, and digestive ability decreases.If you eat eggs immediately after delivery, it is difficult to digest and increase the burden on the gastrointestinal.

2. No need to say "no" to the fruit

Some mothers are influenced by traditional habits. They do not eat raw cold food during confinement, and even fruits do not dare to eat. In fact, some fruits are very good for postpartum recovery.

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