How to quickly relieve when you meet constipation?4 small methods, expectant mothers may wish to try

Many women in life will have constipation after pregnancy. This phenomenon is called pregnancy constipation.This is because after pregnancy, the amount of progesterone secretion in women’s bodies will be very large, which will cause the gastrointestinal muscle tension to weaken, the intestinal peristalsis slows down, and it is easy to cause constipation.

Once pregnant women have severe constipation, repeated abdominal distension, abdominal pain, and even induced intestinal obstruction will occur, which threatens the health of maternal and infants.Therefore, for pregnant women, once constipation occurs, it is necessary to quickly treat and condition.

How to effectively relieve constipation during pregnancy?

1. Increase cellulose food

When pregnant women have constipation, they must not continue to consume too much high fat, high protein, high starch, and high sugar foods.Once these foods are consumed in large quantities, the cellulose content in the intestine will be insufficient, and stool will become harder.

Three meals a day should be appropriately added with cellulose -rich foods.Such as kiwi, celery, corn, etc.The cellulose contained in these foods can promote the intestinal acceleration peristalsis and play a role in laxative.It can also improve the gastrointestinal function of pregnant women and achieve the effect of preventing constipation.

2. Eat more porridge foods

Many pregnant women have constipation, which are related to drinking a lot of soups, such as bone soup and chicken soup.These soups do have more nutrients, but if a large number of intakes, it is easy to cause serious fire in pregnant women, which will cause constipation to worsen.

Therefore, during constipation, these foods must be reduced in the number of foods, and they can eat more porridge.For example, you can eat some sesame porridge and fig porridge.If the constipation is caused by dryness, you can eat some walnut porridge, which has a laxative effect.

3. Supplement enough water

Pregnant women who have the phenomenon of constipation must replenish enough moisture every day. Drinking boiled water per day should not be less than 1000 ml.Especially after getting up early, pregnant women can appropriately drink a cup of warm white boiled water, which can stimulate the intestinal movement quickly and achieve the laxative effect.

Fourth, appropriate exercise

The cause of constipation in most pregnant women is related to the lack of exercise.In the early pregnancy, due to severe pregnancy reactions, the physical fitness of pregnant women decreased, and physical fatigue was likely to occur. Therefore, most pregnant women do not like sports.

In the late pregnancy, he was too lazy to exercise because of his body too bulky.Once the lack of exercise, the intestine cannot be moved rapidly, and more serious constipation will occur.

Therefore, after pregnancy, as long as there is no tire image unstable, the amount of exercise must be appropriately increased.If you take a walk or do some light housework in the range that can be performed, the bowel movement of the intestine can be increased.

All in all, for pregnant women, if constipation occurs, it can be determined according to the above 4 points, which can effectively alleviate constipation.

Pregnant women should also develop good bowel habits and regular schedules, and pay attention to emotional adjustment, which can play a role in alleviating constipation and preventing constipation.

If there is still constipation after a series of adjustments, the corresponding method needs to be treated under the guidance of the doctor.

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