How to protect the symptoms of threatened abortion?

During pregnancy, there will be some symptoms of threatened abortion, but many Baoma do not know, so many Baoma wants to ask what are the symptoms of threatened abortion?How to protect fetal abortion?Let’s take a look at it together ~

What is a threatened abortion?

The aura abortion refers to the current amount of vaginal bleeding, which is often red or bloody leucorrhea. It is discharged without any embryo tissue. Then there is paroxysmal lower abdominal pain or back pain.If the symptoms disappear after rest or treatment, you can continue to get pregnant.If the vaginal bleeding increases or the lower abdominal pain is intensified, it can develop into an inevitable abortion, and eventually the embryo is excreted from the body.Doctors generally ask the medical history and determine whether it is a threatened abortion according to the patient’s clinical manifestations and the necessary auxiliary examination.

How to protect the symptoms of aura abortion?

1. Rest properly, reduce severe activities, avoid the same room, and reduce work and mental stress.Too tight and anxiety can cause miscarriage.

2. Those who have a signs of aura abortion need to perform corresponding examinations such as blood HCG and progesterone.Those with poor luteum function can be used to use hormone tires.Doctors will choose according to the specific conditions of the patient.For those with normal HCG and progesterone levels in the blood, it is just a maternal mothers who have a bit of pink or brown secretions. There is no need to be too nervous, and there is no need to protect the treatment. Just listen to the doctor’s arrangement.

3. From another level of consideration, some threatened abortion is an opportunity to win the survival of the fittest. Some of the aura aborted embryos are often inherently developed embryos.Avoid the end of the abortion.Therefore, please try to relax as much as possible, aside from all kinds of anxiety and entanglement. Professional questions are given to professional doctors to consider for you. When you naturally, you should choose to release appropriately.

What are the precautions to prevent abortion?

1. In order to avoid bad endings such as miscarriage, expectant mothers should adjust their bodies as much as possible before preparing for pregnancy. Do not get pregnant immediately after premature birth, abortion or clear glucose tire.If you have just experienced an unsuccessful pregnancy and cause premature or abortion, then you have to wait at least 6 months before pregnancy.If you are pregnant with hydatidus, then you must follow up at least two years after removing, and try to conceive as much as possible during this time.

2. Try not to perm, hair dye, and makeup in early pregnancy.In the first to third month of pregnancy, the nervous system of the organs of the fetus has begun to enter the period of differentiation. Due to the sensitive stimulus response of the external environment, if it is severely toxic, it may cause abortion or embryo to stop developing.


For women who have a family genetic history, have once or have a history of abortion, have had abnormal fetal fetuses, or women who have had abnormal fetuses have occurred in the history of death, they must conduct related pre -pregnancy eugenic and gynecology consultations before pregnancy.Check the cause of abortion.

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