How to look at the female mouse during pregnancy, the mother and rat are irritable

What do hamsters look pregnant? I believe that friends who know the hamster know that the hamster has a strong ability to reproduce. Once the female hamster is pregnant, its temper, diet and other aspects will change.Giving them special care is the knowledge that every haze parent must understand. What do hamsters look at? Let’s take a look with the editor of A pet network.

1. If you are two mice, the same cage breeding of the bamboo horses, one day, you suddenly find that they are fighting very well. Do you think they are still young and are young mice?The mouse is pregnant.During pregnancy, the mother and rats are irritable, and they will fight with the male mouse. They may be severely killed, so they must be divided immediately!

2. Due to the irritability of the mouse, the mouse will run wildly, cage, and the amount of food and drinking water will increase greatly.

3. The body becomes a typical pear -shaped. The second half of the body is drooping, and the buttocks are significantly larger. However, some mice have fewer pregnant babies, or some eyebrows are fat. You must observe carefully to discover.

4. Mother rats during pregnancy usually like to sleep on the side, sometimes sleeping up.

5. If your cage is equipped with a large nest, the mouse will run around with wood chips, and then pile it into the small nest, or she is satisfied with, and at the same time, she will also save a lot of food into the cheeks.Then she spit it out where she thought it was suitable for nests.Some female rats are not satisfied with the huts in the cage, they will make nests, round, beautiful! All you need to do is give more wood chips, or you can add some broken tape, but the material must be mustTasteless and soft, avoid irritation.

6. The mouse’s weight increases, and it is obviously heavy in the palm of the palm. The difference between the mice here is that if the fat rat, the belly is full of fat, touching soft and elastic, and during pregnancy, during pregnancy, and during pregnancy.Please touch the rigid feel of the mouse, and the skin is tight.You can gently climb the mother and mouse to touch the belly with your fingers and feel the hardness. Be careful to touch it gently. Do not press it to avoid hurting your baby!

7. The legendary double -breasted buckle: The nipples of the mother and mouse are gradually revealed outside the hair, and the surrounding hair will also fall off. Usually with pregnancy, it will become more and more obvious and increase.To 3-4 pair.But this is not available in every mouse, and some must be carefully identified to see.

8. If you are several mouse and babies together, you find that the consequences of pregnancy are broken, but you do n’t know which is the mouse dad? It is very simple.The physical strength of the mouse, the same, if the two rats are together, one night suddenly lose weight, then, the mouse is pregnant!

Reminder: When we are breeding hamsters, we are still recommended to have a mouse and a cage to breed in cages!

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