How to judge whether the ewe is pregnant?anythings need to pay attention?

How to judge whether the ewe is pregnant?

How to judge whether there are many ways to get pregnant.After the ewalogy is assigned, after a estrus cycle, that is, about 20 days, you must understand whether the ewe is pregnant.It is very important to understand whether the ewe has been pregnant. It is important to reduce emptiness and increase the reproduction rate.If you are determined to be pregnant, you should treat it in accordance with the pregnancy ewage and strengthen breeding management to ensure the development of the fetus and avoid miscarriage. If you are not pregnant, pay attention to the next estrus period.

Some now use observation of the diagnosis of ewes to be pregnant, and the accuracy rate can reach 97%.The method of observation is to open the upper eyelids of the sheep and observe the blood vessels on the sclera. If there are three large microvascular congestion on the surface above the pupil, the surface is raised on the surface of the sclera, and purple -red is a sign of pregnancy.There is no such phenomenon on the empty sclera, and the other microvascular is also small and not revealed, and the color is light red.

Generally, the method of testing of stub pregnancy is mostly based on the breeding of the ewes. If the estrus symptoms are no longer occurred after 1-2 estrus periods, you can initially believe that you are pregnant.

What you need to pay attention to when you check is:

First, some ewes, especially the first ewes, are quiet estrus, do not show the symptoms of estrus, and are prone to misjudgment.

The second is that some ewes may not be in estrus due to improper feeding management and genitals.

Third, some pregnant ewes sometimes show the phenomenon of turbulence, which is false estrus.

Therefore, it cannot be easily concluded according to individual symptoms. It is necessary to combine the symptoms and comprehensive analysis in order to make accurate judgments.For example, once the breeder is pregnant, in addition to no longer in estrus, it is often accompanied by increasing food, bright hair color, dynamic temperament, stable movement, gradually increased abdomen, and the abdominal wall protruding from the right side, breast enhancement, etc.This can be used as the basis for judging the pregnancy of ewes.Generally, ewes can touch the fetus with their hands in the abdomen of the ewe in about two months of pregnancy. They can also diagnose whether the ewe is pregnant in combination with vaginal examination and rectal abdominal wall.

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