How to increase the surrogacy rate during pregnancy?Teach you 5 good ways, quickly conceive

For each couple who is preparing for pregnancy, the success of pregnancy as soon as possible is what they expect.Especially women are often under great pressure because there is no way to get pregnant as soon as possible.If women want to make themselves good news as soon as possible, they must carefully prepare for pregnancy, pay attention to methods and methods, and improve pregnancy efficiency.

1. Do a comprehensive inspection first

If you have infertility factors, if you do n’t check it, you ca n’t find it, it ’s just a blind preparation. There is no way to get good news.Therefore, before preparing for pregnancy, women have to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination to see if there is any infertility factor. If there is any time to take time treatment, the treatment is treated before preparing for pregnancy.Of course, men also have to pass this level. Men’s infertility will also affect the pregnancy preparation plan. Pregnancy and having children are not women alone.

2. Don’t have too much psychological pressure

This society is always particularly harsh on women. When women are not pregnant for a while, the overwhelming pressure will hit.If the pressure is too strong, the spirit is often in a state of nervousness or anxiety, it will easily affect the endocrine of women, lead to women’s endocrine disorders, affect women’s ovulation, and even make women discontinue menstruation. It is not easy to get pregnant.Women should relax, as long as they have no problems, as long as their husband’s body has no problem, pregnancy is a matter sooner or later, and relaxing the body and mind is easier to succeed.

3. Don’t be too obese

When preparing for pregnancy, some women will eat many nutritious foods in order to allow themselves to have sufficient nutritional support.This is right, but pay attention to control. Do not consume too much. There is no way to consume it. It becomes fat. Packing in the human body will make weight overweight.Overweight weight will affect women’s conception and reduce the chance of women’s pregnancy.And even if the pregnancy is successful, too obese will affect the history of health during pregnancy. Women are more likely to suffer from diseases such as pregnancy diabetes or hypertension during pregnancy, which is very unfavorable to women and fetuses.

4. Find the ovulation period

In the same room during ovulation, the chance of pregnancy is the largest and the best time to conceive.Women must calculate their ovulation period so that they can seize the best time to conceive.For some women with regular menstruation, the ovulation period is relatively easy to calculate.The first day of menstruation was pushed forward for 14 days, and then three days and the next three days, this period was a female ovulation period.Moreover, women will have some special symptoms when ovulation, such as the body temperature will rise in the morning, the vaginal secretions will increase, the abdomen will be faintly painful, and so on.If you really can’t find where the ovulation period is, you can buy ovulation test strips and come to the same room according to the ovulation test strip.

5. Immediately lie down immediately after the same room

Sometimes there is no way to get pregnant in the same room during ovulation, so you need to use some small skills to help women conceive.After the same room, keep lying flat to provide smooth conditions for the combination of sperm and eggs, reducing the difficulty of binding, and increasing the chance of pregnancy.There are also some posture in the same room that is more conducive to conception, and women can understand more.

Can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry. Women should not be too anxious about pregnancy, and don’t add great psychological pressure to themselves.If you want to improve the efficiency of pregnancy, you must pay attention to methods and methods.

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