How to improve the back pain after giving birth?

After experiencing all kinds of hard work during pregnancy, with all kinds of pain in production, you finally gave birth to your baby. Do you think you can breathe?Rongsheng’s mother’s female friends will face another trouble while enjoying happiness -that is, the body is seriously changed, such as the crooked neck, different shoulders, different abdomen, pelvic tilt, pelvic floor musclesLosing, rectus abdominis separation, pubic abdomen separation, and so on.

In response to these outstanding problems that plagued women’s health, Director Li Xiaohui, Director of the Rehabilitation Department of Xuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, opened the "Body Evaluation System Analysis".At the same time, let them abandon the traditional wrong concepts and practices, achieve "early intervention, early treatment, early recovery", and effectively maintain the physical and mental health of women.


Postpartum knee pain

Originally sacroiliac joint

Caused by displacement

On the morning of October 25th, the patient came to Xuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital for the rehabilitation department at the agreed time. Director Li Xiaohui asked Director Li Xiaohui to check and treat her again.Convenient. "Ms. Li told Director Li.

According to reports, Ms. Li gave birth to her baby half a year ago, and soon felt pain on her left waist and legs. Later, the pain became more and more severe, so that she was affected by walking.I heard that the rehabilitation department of Xuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital was very distinctive in postpartum conditioning, so he came to see a doctor.

Director Li Xiaohui received Ms. Li, and first conducted a body assessment of her to systematically analyze her health and the cause of pain."The main reason for her is the sacroiliac joints caused by children, that is, the pelvic relaxation and displacement of the pelvic pelvis caused by our commonly known" bone seam ", and then pull the muscles to form soreness."Director Li said.

On the same day, Director Li had a conditioning for her, and the effect was very good, so Ms. Li came to the clinic again.

Director Li asked Ms. Li to lie on the bed, put a roller on her abdomen, and then checked her left leg."Your left leg is still slightly longer than the right leg, indicating that the sacroiliac joint has not returned to place, and it will be almost the same." While introducing the inspection to Ms. Li, Director Li took out a pad and pads and pads.In her waist and abdomen, holding her waist with her left hand, holding her right hand holding the bottom part of the left pot, using Qiqiao to force it, and the sound of "click" was clearly passed into the ear.After several such ways to reset, Ms. Li stood up and felt that her left leg was much more comfortable.

In response to the soreness of Ms. Li’s knees, Li Xiaohui took out a few fire needles and burned the tip of the needle on the flames of the alcohol lamp, and then quickly needed a needle on several acupoints such as the blood sea, knee -eye acupoints, and left the needle for 25 minutes …

"Postpartum back pain is a very common problem with puerperium, which is related to the experience of pregnancy and production. The weight and posture of pregnancy have changed. The muscle tendon is excessively pulled. Some people can recover after giving birth, and some people can recover.It will continue to pain in the waist and legs. This requires a corresponding examination and then formulates the corresponding treatment plan. "Director Li said that like Ms. Li felt sore on her knee, this was caused by the fat pad inflammation of the pillar.Because the patient’s legs have been asymmetric long -term, the left knee is too much, and the fat pads cause edema, which is a sterile inflammation."The moment when the fire needle is pierced into the muscles, the tip temperature of the needle reaches 600-700 degrees Celsius, which can relax fascia, improve local blood circulation, and has a good effect on treating aseptic inflammation." Director Li explained.


Postpartum recovery

Different from person to person

Need professional evaluation

According to Director Li Xiaohui, in the second trimester of pregnancy, in order to make enough space for the baby, prepare for the baby through bone and soft lanes during childbirth, and expectant mothers will continue to secrete relaxins.The relaxation can relax the tendon and ligament of the expectant mothers, resulting in the expansion of the pelvis. However, the pelvic bone space is very small and will not be squeezed and recovered by the instrument, so it must be repaired after delivery.

Director Li Xiaohui said that the maternal postpartum body assessment includes pelvic repair, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and abdominal rectus muscle separation."We emphasize ‘no assessment, not treatment’, because medicine is guided by scientific theory, based on professionalism, with big data verification, which can indeed be carried out for patients." Pelvic repair is not like the bottom of the pelvic floor.Muscle repair, to evaluate, treat, and re -evaluate, there is real data throughout the process.

After giving birth to children, some mothers will find that they often leak urine unconsciously after coughing and laughing, and even have some uterine prolapse and vaginal walls. In fact, this is a problem with the bottom muscle.

Director Li introduced: "Potting bottom muscle refers to the muscle group closed on the pelvic floor, which is used to maintain the normal location and function of urethra, bladder, vaginal, uterine, rectal and other organs. Pregnancy and delivery are an importantFactors. In fact, not only the mother -of -child mothers, many elderly people will also have urinary incontinence problems. "

As for whether the pelvic floor muscle recovery should be done, it varies from person to person.Director Li Xiaohui suggested that the female functional evaluation of the basin muscle function is carried out in about 6 weeks after giving birth. The doctor will conduct an individualized analysis and judgment based on the test results, and then targeted treatment.It is understood that the treatment methods of the rehabilitation department of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital for the bottom of the pelvic floor include various comprehensive methods such as electrical stimulation, biological feedback, and traditional Chinese medicine conditioning.For Baoma who has no symptoms such as leakage and pelvic pain, under the correct guidance of the doctor, do the pelvic floor muscle exercise (that is, the Kigel movement).In addition, the rehabilitation department can also perform individualized treatment for the incontinence of middle -aged and elderly women to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

In response to the separation of rectus muscles, Director Li emphasized that evaluation also needs to be evaluated.The separation of rectus muscles is also a common symptom of postpartum.It was found that the stomach could not be collected for a while after giving birth, and there were more than 2 fingers in the middle line of the abdomen, which was separated by rectus abdominis.This is because the abdomen increase during pregnancy, and the abdominal muscles are not restored in time after separation."The abdominal rectus is not too big. Through electrical stimulation, acupuncture, and the necessary exercise therapy, most patients can recover around one course of treatment."

Director Li Xiaohui finally reminded everyone that many institutions now claim that they can provide postpartum evaluation rehabilitation treatment, but because of different qualifications, it is difficult for non -professionals to judge.Director Li suggested that postpartum mothers choose to go to a professional hospital for consultation or treatment.Moreover, postpartum recovery varies from person to person. Not all mothers need to do package -type rehabilitation. Everyone needs to treat symptomatic treatment to prevent too late.

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