How to get the stretch marks too ugly?Don’t be afraid, dermatologists come to support

Hi, Jimei, Mei Yangyang harassed everyone like an appointment ~

A few days ago, Xiaobian asked a question in the office, which instantly triggered a large number of "bringing baby girls" to watch. What is the topic of weeping ghosts and gods, and can it have such a great power?

Haha, it is the stretch marks that 80%of mothers will grow!

During the chat, the editor found a magical phenomenon: some people were obliterated every day during pregnancy or long lines, while some people did not apply anything throughout pregnancy, and the belly was still white and smooth.

Wow, so angry ~ Why?Is it too unfair?

Hmm ~ Then, today we will unveil the [stretch marks] this mysterious veil ~

Speaking of the production process of stretch marks, it is also the great love of the mother for the baby!

The mother’s belly gradually increases to adapt to the growth of the fetus, just like blowing balloon, when the balloon rises larger and larger, the skin will become thinner, but human skin does not have rubber -like zooming, soWhen the belly increased rapidly, the elastic fiber of the skin broke, so some "cracks" formed.

The stretch marks mainly appear on the abdominal wall, and may also appear on the inner and outer side of the thigh, hip, chest, back waist and arms.

At present, for the study of stretch marks, people with stretch marks are generally these three reasons:

genetic factors

To put it simply, if your mother grows stretch marks when you are pregnant, the chance of long lines in your pregnancy is greater. On the contrary, if your mother’s belly is smooth and clean, the chance of your long lines will be relatively smaller.

During pregnancy, the weight growth is too fast

Some people think that they should eat more when they are pregnant, and nutrition can keep up, so the uterus and fetus increased rapidly, the elastic fiber of the dermis of the abdominal skin is broken, and the stretch marks appear.Therefore, we must control the weight during pregnancy.

The probability of premature baby’s long lines is greater

What?real or fake?This is incredible!

real!Studies have shown that the risk of a baby who is less than 20 years old in the first pregnancy is 90%, which is more than 35 years old. The mother who is 35 years old is better than the skin fiber.One of them.

The product on the surface does not remove stretch marks!However, it is still good to moisturize the skin during pregnancy (I accidentally save you a sum of money, right?)

Because stretch marks are the manifestation of the damage to the skin of the skin dermis layer, the effective component concentration in the skin care products is very low, and basically cannot enter the dermis layer to play a role.

At present, the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not included any ointment agent in the treatment of stretch marks.

Unfortunately, stretch marks cannot be eliminated.Fortunately, this is not so bad. First of all, it will not affect health. Secondly, we can make them less obvious through some means.

Once stretch marks appear, it is almost impossible to completely eliminate it.But there are still many ways to make stretch marks fade and smaller.

Improvement of external drugs

Vitamin A acid can reduce stretch marks, but molt and erythema will appear in the first two months of use (unavailable during pregnancy, risk of teratogenic).

In addition, topical creams containing chillyxide, rose fruit oil, strong prosecin, vitamin E and other ingredients also have some effects, but they are not obvious.


Common methods are: photon skin rejuvenation, radio frequency therapy, gold microneedles, lattice laser, microcrystalline grinding, including local injection of platelet rich plate plasma (PRP).

These regular medical beauty treatment methods have indeed improved effects on the generated stretch marks, but the effect will vary from person to person.

Everyone in mind, what kind of pattern, what scars are always more effective than preventing treatment.Therefore, reducing the emergence of new stretch marks is the last word.

During pregnancy, rich vitamins, minerals, protein and other foods (such as meat, eggs, soybeans, etc.) can help improve skin quality, increase skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks.

Remember not to open your baby with your baby’s period. The weight increases in a short time, which will increase the chance of long stretch marks!

In addition to a reasonable diet, it is also suitable for exercise, which can not only slow down the weight increase, but also improve the elasticity of the skin.

Use a waist support

The belt can bear the gravity burden of the abdomen and slow down the excessive extension of the skin.

Nourish the skin

You can use lotion and cream massage to make the skin more flexible.

In the end, Xiaobian wanted to say that mothers that have become "flower belly" should not be too sad. You can treat it through effective means, or you can use the good medicine of time. Although the stretch marks will not be pushed over timeDisappearing, but it will become lighter.

At the same time, we must also learn to appreciate this special stripe, just when it is a commemorative for your baby, isn’t it?

So, you see this article, there are long stretch marks?What do you think of stretch marks?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, let’s discuss together ~

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