How to get along with "love" with "love" during pregnancy?

"Sexual sex during pregnancy is fierce than tiger?" The pain of reaction in the early stages of pregnancy and rumors that are scary will increase the psychological pressure and sexual fear of expectant mothers. This will suppress their sexual desire to a certain extent.There will be a cold condition.So, how can you get along with the peace of "pregnancy" and "sex" during pregnancy?

Sexual desire determines everything?

In the early stages of pregnancy, the decline in sexual desire is affected by sexual feelings. Sometimes expectant mothers will feel that sexual intercourse pain plays a negative effect on decline in sexual desire; in the middle of pregnancy, the concept of sexual intercourse security is accepted by most expectant mothers; in the late pregnancy period, it is late pregnancy.The belly is already very large, and it is worried that sexual intercourse will cause premature birth and non -full moon membrane, so you don’t want sexual behavior.

However, there will also be some expectant mothers who have risen in sex during pregnancy, and they will be more likely to obtain orgasm during pregnancy.There are mainly the following:

First, the changes in hormone levels in women during pregnancy will make the expectant mothers lubricating, hair will become better, and will grow more beautiful than before, so there will be a lot of confidence and passion to enjoy sex.

In addition, especially in the middle of pregnancy, the vaginal secretions increase, the chest is full, the reproductive organs are congested, the vulva sensitivity increases, and the sexual desire will become larger.Therefore, sex life feels beautiful.

So, at different stages of pregnancy, how should expectant mothers enjoy love?

Early pregnancy: replace with love

In the first three months of pregnancy, we all called it "early pregnancy."At this stage, the placenta is gradually forming, so it is not stable, and it is most likely to occurred or miscarriage.Therefore, if you do sexual life, you need to be cautious.

If the pregnancy response of expectant mothers is not obvious, and all aspects of the body are good, then when enjoying sex with each other, the husband must be careful.At this time, protecting the safety of the fetus is the first priority, don’t be too excited.

In the middle of pregnancy: appropriate sex

Although the second trimester is the most suitable stage of sexual life during pregnancy, we still need to pay attention, do not go deep too deep, especially after pregnancy, as the wife’s body is becoming more bloated, in order to avoid squeezing the baby in the belly, the traditional sex posture is neither neither.It is also difficult to have pleasure, so it is best to avoid the use of conventional men and women.

The side lying will feel better, which will not only make the two sides get a greater pleasure, but also better for the baby.However, the action should be gently and controlled.Emotions are too intense often promoting sex hormone secretion disorders fluctuations. There may be impression of the uterus and "affecting fetal qi."In addition, sex should not be too long to prevent expectant mothers from fatigue.

Late pregnancy: Reduction and suspension love

The third pregnancy refers to the last three months of pregnancy. The belly will basically reach the peak. You will feel back pain, heavy body, and laziness and don’t want to move.Therefore, the number of sexual intercourse should be reduced and then stops sexual intercourse.

When I first entered 7 months of pregnancy, there can still be some sexual life, but we must prevent the abdomen.After nine months of pregnancy, this is the most important period of stabilizing pregnancy. Once it is not mastered, it is easy to cause premature birth, so try to avoid it.

The expectant mothers are easily excited when they are pregnant, because the angle of the matter becomes different.If the husband does not understand, the fragile emotional support in their hearts will be tilted.Therefore, the husband should understand and understand, and adjust the way of showing love together.

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