How to first aid for pregnant women?

The nearest weather in Bijie is hotter every day. The scorching sun at noon makes people dare not go out easily. Under such high temperature, it is easy to make people heat stroke, especially the special group of pregnant women.It is very important to have heat stroke.So what are the symptoms of heat stroke in summer?What are the emergency measures for pregnant women with heat stroke?Let’s learn with Bijie Second Medical Experts.

Symptoms of Pregnant Women

1. Mild symptoms:

Heat, fatigue, skin burning, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, chest tightness.Stimulus, fine pulse, and decreased blood pressure.

2. Severe symptoms:

Headache, faint, coma, and spasm.

Pregnant women’s heat stroke emergency measures

1. If the mother is found to have the symptoms of heat stroke, they should immediately leave the high temperature environment and rest in a cool place with a good ventilation.

2. If the pregnant woman is conscious, there is no nausea and vomiting symptoms, unbutton the clothes, drink more saline or take ten drops of water, ren Dan, relieve summer tablets, Huoxiang Zhengqi water, etc., which can improve in a short time.However, a lot of heat -solving medicines have strict requirements for pregnant women. Generally, pregnant women are prohibited, and some pregnant women can take it. However, they should ask the doctor before making a decision.

3. Those who have high fever, coma, and convulsions should allow patients to lie on their side and head on their heads to ensure that the respiratory tract is smooth.While calling an ambulance or notifying the first aid center, you can use wet towels or 30-50%alcohol to wipe the front chest, back, etc.

How to prevent strokes in pregnant women

Pregnant women must pay attention to personal hygiene, often scrubbing with warm water.If you bathe with cold water, the skin dirt is not easy to eliminate, and the pregnant woman is easily cold and cold. If it is soaked with hot water, high temperature will hurt the central nervous system of the fetus is developing, causing fetal malformations.

The clothes should be cool and wide.It is best for a pregnant woman to choose the clothes of real shreds or cotton woven clothes for personal clothes. The clothes should be loose, and the bra and belt should not be tight.

Avoid the scorching sun.A moderate amount of activities during pregnancy can promote the smooth production, but pregnant mothers should not go out in the scorching sun, and stay in a crowded place for a long time.

Reasonably prepare diet.In order to ensure the nutrition of the mother and fetus, pregnant women should maintain appetite in the summer and eat more fresh vegetables, such as cucumber, tomatoes, lentils, winter melons, etc.; Eat more fresh bean products, eat chicken shreds, shredded pork, eggs, seaweed, seaweed, seaweed, seaweedThe soup made of shiitake mushrooms often changes the dishes.In addition, pay attention to eating less greasy food.If there is no significant edema during pregnancy, you can drink some salt -containing beverages to add salt with sweat loss.

Special reminder: Pregnant women usually drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables, and never eat cold foods. Pay attention to personal hygiene, take a bath, change clothes, ensure sufficient rest and sleep time, can rest 1 to 2 at noon at noonHour is better, try not to go out at noon in the hot summer.

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