How to eat when you are pregnant?From the first month to the fifth month, there are key points every month

Want to know how I eat during pregnancy, look at me to tell you the answer.

The main role of supplementing folic acid is to prevent fetal malformations. Folic acid has the effect of promoting the maturity of young cells in the bones, which is particularly important for pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy.

Everyone can supplement folic acid during pregnancy. I need to supplement folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy. Because I didn’t know that I was pregnant, I did not supplement folic acid before pregnancy.Don’t worry about the expectant mothers who are pregnant. At this time, you have to replenish it. In addition to buying folic acid tablets from the pharmacy, you can get folic acid from fruits and vegetables, because folic acid is a type of B vitamins, many vegetables and fruitsThey are rich in folic acid, and you can eat the following fruits and vegetables.

Fruit: kiwi, orange, peaches, pear, etc.

Vegetables: peas, lentils, tomatoes, asparagus, beets, broccoli and spinach and other green leafy vegetables.

The main role of supplementing protein is to promote the development of fetal brain and enhance immunity.

Supplementary vitamin C can not only play a whitening effect, but also effectively alleviate pregnancy.

At this time, you can eat more fruits such as: grapes, strawberries, lemons, oranges, cherries, etc.

Others: beef, milk, eggs, cabbage, spinach, tomato, green pepper, cucumber, bird’s nest

(At this time, everyone can eat bird’s nest. I started eating bird’s nest in the second month of pregnancy. I drank a bowl of bird’s nest every morning or before going to bed.Pick out the impurities and wash it in the bowl, then add the rock sugar, and stew it for more than an hour in the stew pot with red dates and water.The baby’s skin is white and bright)

Magnesium is one of the important trace elements of the human body. Its main role is to promote the development of fetal bones and muscles and ensure the healthy fetal development. Vitamin A has many functions.The development of development has a very important role.

At this time, you can eat more nuts, such as walnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, etc. Fruits can eat more cherries, apples, bananas, etc., others can eat more green leafy vegetables, oats, soybeans, pumpkin.

The main role of zinc supplement: promote cell metabolism and prevent dysplasia of fetal organs.

At this time, it is an important period of development of the fetus. It grows faster than the previous three months, so it can be appropriately supplemented.You can eat more red meat such as beef, pork, etc., animal liver such as pork liver, chicken liver, foie gras, etc., animal blood, etc.In addition, protein is still the key nutrients supplemented by the fourth month of pregnancy, so a glass of milk is essential every day.

The main role of calcium supplementation: prevent fetal dysplasia and promote the development of fetal skeletal.

At this time, you can eat more eggs, milk, shrimp, soy products, cheese, fish, ribs, walnuts, peanuts, yogurt, etc.You can also buy some calcium tablets.

Remember: While calcium supplementation, it is necessary to supplement protein and vitamins, because vitamins and proteins are essential for the rapid growth of the fetus, and the two can better promote the absorption of calcium.

① When I knew that I was pregnant, I bought folic acid tablets and took one piece every day.

② I immediately ordered fresh milk at the fresh milk shop and drank a bottle of fresh milk or yogurt every day.

③ Eat 1-2 eggs a day. All I ate at that time was all the eggs. During that time, my mother would buy a bag of eggs almost every week for me. I usually cook it with water.

④ You must eat fruits every day. At least 2-3 kinds of fruits a day. Various fruits change to eat. Like me, the fruits that eat more are: apples, bananas, pears, grapes, cherriesFemale fruit, watermelon, blueberry.

⑤ Add some nuts every day. I bought a lot of walnuts at that time, eat two or three walnuts a day, and I took a lot of raw peanuts for my own home from my grandparents’ house.

⑥ By four or five months of pregnancy, the doctor suggested calcium supplement. I bought calcium tablets from the pharmacy. I bought ordinary calcium calcium tablets. It was said that eating a piece before going to bed every day. It is said that eating before going to bed is more conducive to absorption.

I drank a lot of bone soup, chicken soup, duck soup.At that time, every time I was pregnant, I went home to my grandpa, grandma, my father and mother, and I would stew a lot of these soups for me, and I would let me bring some to stew myself.

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