How to eat watermelon healthy?Come to get these 7 knowing problems

Watermelon is the favorite fruit of most people in summer, and many people have to enjoy almost every day.But eating watermelon can also bring many small problems, such as gaining weight and rising blood sugar.Many people are worried that watermelon may breed bacteria overnight, and then bring food safety risks.Let’s analyze the knowledge you must know when eating watermelon!

Question 1: How long can watermelon be put at room temperature?

Watermelon is a substrate suitable for the rapid proliferation of microorganisms. It has large water, low acidity, and less infiltration pressure. At room temperature in summer, it can be stored within 2 hours. It is recommended to cut off the most surface layer when eating.

Question 2: Can exclusive chopping boards and tools effectively hinder bacteria?

The exclusive cutting board and kitchen knife of fruits cannot prevent bacterial proliferation, but it can effectively prevent pathogenic bacteria in other raw foods polluting watermelon and avoid skewers.In addition, cut into watermelon with knife cutting or raw vegetables to avoid accelerating bacterial reproduction.

Question 3: Is watermelon low sugar or high sugar fruit?

Now watermelon sugar has become higher and higher, reaching the level of 8%to 13%.Compared with other fruits, watermelon does not be regarded as high sugar.However, it is recommended that people who lose weight eat 200 ~ 350 grams of watermelon meat per day, and do not exceed 1 catties at most, so as not to be too high in a day.

Question 4: If you use watermelon to replace the staple food, will you not gain weight?

Using a large amount of watermelon instead of dining and staple food can cause lack of acceptance, muscle loss, malnutrition, and decreased metabolic rate. In the long run, the lipid rate may rise, but it is easy to gain weight.At the same time, it will also cause problems such as soft body muscles, loss of appetite, and weakness.

Question 5: Can people with diabetes eat watermelon?

Patients with diabetes can eat watermelon, but they should be eaten in a small amount.Patients with diabetes can consider eating a small amount of fruits between two meals or before meals. If you eat about 100 grams of watermelon each time, eat 200 grams of fruit intake twice.

Question 6: Can patients with gout eat watermelon?

Patients with gout can eat watermelon.The potassium and vitamin C are conducive to the condition.Rich potassium is good for uric acid excretion.But watermelon contains fructose and is not suitable for dinner with watermelon.

Question 7: Will eating ice watermelon hurt your body?

Those who are prone to diarrhea, poor digestion and absorption, and patients with hard intestinal syndrome do not recommend eating ice watermelon to avoid cold stimulation caused by excessive intestinal exercise and diarrhea, and even spasm and abdominal pain.

(Source: People’s Daily Online)

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