How to eat during pregnancy and avoid diabetes during pregnancy?There are six principles here, don’t be afraid of pregnant mothers

Most mothers in life eat too much during pregnancy and have a small amount of exercise.Over time, blood sugar will rise, but if blood sugar exceeds certain standards, it will cause gestational diabetes.Gestational diabetes refers to diabetes caused by abnormal blood glucose metabolism during gestational.

For women during pregnancy, the incidence of pregnancy diabetes is very high.Moreover, the cure rate of gestational diabetes is not high, and most patients with gestational diabetes will be transformed into type 2 diabetes.Although it is difficult to cure during gestational diabetes, as long as it is treated under the guidance of a doctor, patients can keep blood glucose stability and prevent the disease from deteriorating.

1. Appropriate exercise

One of the good ways to scientifically control blood sugar during pregnancy is to exercise appropriately.Many people are hesitant to exercise during pregnancy. They believe that only rest can avoid some accidents, but what many pregnant mothers do not know are that it is also important to have enough activities during pregnancy.If you sit for a long time, lying down, lack of exercise, you may become obese, and excessive obesity may also become the cause of gestational diabetes.

Therefore, during pregnancy, you can exercise appropriately according to your own situation and the strength of exercise ability. At the same time, you can take appropriate walking. Exercise can not only promote the circulation, but also help control multiple indicators, and then better maintain your health.

2. Supplement dietary fiber

Dietary fiber can promote the digestive function of the human body and help metabolism, while effectively improving physical fitness.In addition, dietary fiber can also slow down blood sugar and stabilize blood sugar.Therefore, female friends can properly supplement some dietary fiber in daily life, and foods with high dietary fiber content are usually coarse grains, vegetables and fruits.

In addition, female friends can choose according to their own situation.But when eating fruits, pay attention to the intake.This is because if we eat too many fruits, it may also cause excessive intake of fructose, which will affect our blood sugar.

3. Three meals should be timed

For pregnant women, their daily diet should be regular, and only regular use can absorb sufficient energy for fetal absorption.However, they should be quantified when they eat three meals.In addition, they should not eat too fast and chew slowly, so as not to eat too much food because they eat too much.In addition, too fast eating is not conducive to gastrointestinal digestion, and it is easy to cause blood sugar to rise in a short period of time.

4. Control weight

If female friends want to prevent pregnancy diabetes, the most reasonable way is to control weight.Many women take a lot of supplements during pregnancy and nourish their bodies through various foods, which has caused their body weight to soar.If you are too obese, the chance of developing diabetes during pregnancy will increase.

If you want to effectively prevent gestational diabetes, you should also pay attention to this problem.At the same time, it can also maintain weight stability through reasonable methods, so that the body is not affected by obesity, and then maintain blood sugar stability, preventing the occurrence of negative effects on gestational diabetes, and affecting physical health.

5. Regular monitoring

For pregnant mothers, if you want to prevent gestational diabetes, regular examinations cannot be forgotten, especially in time to monitor blood sugar changes in time, and adjust the insulin dose in time under the guidance of a doctor to prevent the disease from deteriorating.In the early pregnancy, it is necessary to check once a week until the fourth week of pregnancy.Also in the middle of pregnancy, it is necessary to conduct blood sugar examinations every two weeks and bottom examination.In addition, it is also important to closely monitor children’s development and placenta.

6. Regulate emotions

After pregnancy, Baoma also needs to pay attention to controlling her emotions.This is because good emotions are very beneficial to the development of the fetus. If the emotions are often low and angry, it will also cause loss of appetite and overeating, which will easily lead to the occurrence of diabetes during pregnancy.

Finally, remind everyone that these pregnant pregnant mothers in life are prone to gestational diabetes, such as obese women and people with a family history of diabetes. Therefore, blood glucose screening should also be paid to blood glucose during pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, diabetes screening is performed during the 24-28 weeks of pregnancy, and the results will be relatively accurate.In short, once abnormal blood sugar levels are found to exceed the limit, you should actively follow the doctor’s advice to adjust.

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