How to do skin care during pregnancy?Don’t touch these composition

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Hello everyone, I am the six magic mirror.

Recently, I found that after middle age, friends around me have entered a new stage of parents, and the consultation of skin care and skin problems during pregnancy has also followed.In addition to not knowing what to use, you dare not use skin care products casually, but also accompanied by various headaches such as allergies, melasma, and stretch marks.Although mothers always focus on babies, they can tolerate their skin problems, but the most special period in this woman still should not forget to take care of themselves.

Today, the magic mirror will bring you a skin care guide for expectant mothers, hurry up and look down!

Don’t worry about skin changes

During the pregnancy and lactation of women, the endocrine system will change greatly in order to nurture new lives. The increase or change of estrogen, progesterone, gonadotropin, and prolactin can also bring a physical condition and skin health.The influence of the series.

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In the face of these changes, do n’t be anxious and try to relax, because we only need to remember these principles: streamline skin care, reduce skin care demand to mild, clean, moisturizing, and sun protection. Try not to pursue efficacy skin care, and understand the skin that may occur in advance in advance.The problem can be easily dealt with.

What skin care products should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation

So, how should mothers during pregnancy and lactation choose skin care products?Remember here that products containing the following ingredients should be avoided during pregnancy.

Vitamin A -type skin care products, including retinol, A, A, and Adehyde

These ingredients usually appear in anti -aging, and some products that improve acne.Classic theory believes that oral A -vitamin acid can cause fetal malformations (note that oral use is not external), but a recent study believes that vitamin A acid and spontaneous abortion, congenital malformations, and premature birth are not great.Nevertheless, doctors usually recommend avoiding vitamin A -acid products in case.

The retinol is too classic and too common anti -aging ingredients. Most anti -aging products may be added, so you should try to avoid the use of anti -aging products during pregnancy.

However, the concentration of vitamin A acids added to cosmetics is very low, and it is even less absorbed by the skin. If you accidentally use such products, don’t worry too much. Do not continue to use it.Putting aside from dosage and toxicity is a hooligan.

There are more well -known retinol products. You can pay attention to: La Qing Ah, Polia Rama Essence, L’Oreal Red Tank, Arden Pink Gloves, L’Oreal Night Essence.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid has a good improvement of acne (acne), but experimental studies have shown that salicylic acid can cause mouse tire deformities for oral salicylic acid to pregnant mice.Therefore, the use of salicylic acid skin care products during pregnancy has certain risks. If acne during pregnancy, be cautious with products that improve acne, acne, and acne.

However, like the viscol, if you accidentally use skin care products containing salicylic acid during pregnancy, the short time and local use risk are still very small, so you don’t need to worry too much.

Common skin care products containing salicylic acid are: Dr.wu almond -acid essence, The Ordinary essence, L’Oreal injection white bottle, Libuquan duo milk, Lichuanquan K milk, Baleda salicylic acid essence, and precious French water.Try to avoid use.

Some chemical sunscreen ingredients

During pregnancy, we need to sunscreen, especially the prospective mothers who are prone to spots, have sunscreen in place, and can control the growth of chloasma well.However, the chemical sunscreen containing dysophenone, methamphetamine cinnamic acid ethyl ester, and salicylate ethyl ester estering must be avoided. Their safety of them is relatively controversial.

A simple way is to choose pure physical sunscreen so that various chemical sunscreens are completely avoided.Many products on the market that they are "physical sunscreens" will also add some chemical sunscreen. Before buying, you can use a beautiful practice or transparent label app to check the ingredient table.

Common pure physical sunscreens include these: FANCL physical sunscreen, TIZO2 physical sunscreen, Xiuli physical sunscreen, mothers can use it with confidence.

Skin care products that can be used during pregnancy and lactation

After that, it cannot be used, and the products of the products with the following ingredients can use it with peace of mind.

In the skin care ingredients, nicotinamide, pan -alcohol, and vitamin C, and cyclidin are safer.However, it is still necessary to avoid high -concentration products, so as not to cause stimulation to the skin. For example, vitamin C with more than 10%concentration for the first time will make some people feel tingling and skin redness.

And because the use of drugs and skin care during pregnancy is restricted, it is difficult to deal with stimulation and cause sensitivity. It can avoid stimulation as much as possible.

Before choosing skin care products, if you feel that it is difficult to look at the ingredient table one by one, a relatively simple method is to buy skin care products designed for eczema patients.Skin care products are very safe and streamlined. Pregnant mothers are not easy to step on thunder.

For example, Avene, Richard Spring, You Selin, Venona, and Miaosile.

Other behaviors that need to be avoided

Use various micro -business products, Chinese herbal medicine ointment

Most basic skin care products with basic moisturizing effects are safe, but if you blindly believe in micro -quotient because you are afraid of harmful to the body, you can use the so -called "anti -inflammatory and antibacterial" Chinese herbal medicine for external ointment.The harmful component of the human body.Interested students can search for "Jiangxi Yongfeng Clear" to understand the details.

Hair dyeing and applying nails

Theoretically, the body’s absorption of chemical composition during hair dyeing and perm is not enough to cause the baby’s dysplasia.However, hair dye and perm containing ingredients and irritating odors that are easy to sensitize, and women during pregnancy are also more sensitive and easier to allergic.

The safe anti -allergic drugs available for pregnant women are very limited. Many expectant mothers choose not to take medicine for their children’s health, or use less medicine, which is really guilty.Therefore, for the sake of avoiding allergies, you should try to avoid hair dyeing and perm as much as possible.

Some nail polish itself contains healthy and harmful benzene, titozene, and formaldehyde. These substances can be inhaled (such as the smell of paint -like painting) or absorbed by the nails.

It is best not to apply nails. If you must apply it, it is best to choose a product with higher safety of 3-free and 5-free, and apply it in a good ventilated place.

Skin changes during pregnancy

In fact, in addition to inappropriate skin care products in daily use, it will destroy the skin condition, and pregnancy itself will also bring some physiological skin changes. Some children will recover after giving birth, and some will leave traces.

1. Skin pigmentation

Almost all of all expectant mothers will turn black. For example, the color of the midline (that is, a black line appears in the middle of the belly), and the color of the nipples, genitals, and armpits becomes darker.This color will gradually fade in a few months after giving birth, and you don’t need to whiten them deliberately.

2, chloasma

Llazed spots are a skin disease related to female hormone changes. It is particularly easy to occur during pregnancy and before menopause. More than half of pregnant women will have deep or light chloasma.

For expectant mothers, sun protection is the best treatment.Doing sun protection in advance can effectively prevent melasma during pregnancy. Even if there is a chloasma, sunscreen can prevent it from aggravating. Applying SPF50 sunscreen+covering yourself is most important.Here we remind you that other methods of treating melasma can not be performed during pregnancy.

Most chloasma during pregnancy will subscribe within 1 year. If the spots still exist after 1 year, after breastfeeding, the level of hormone levels is stable, and the melasma is in a stable period. Under the guidance of the doctor, the ammonia armor ring is orally by orally orally.Acid, external hydrogen cymbal, or laser treatment.

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3, stretch marks

As the baby is getting bigger and bigger, the mothers’ breasts and belly will appear like watermelon pattern.This is caused by many factors such as excessive stretching, changes in the body hormone, and changes in skin structure.

In these reasons, the only thing we can control is to minimize skin stretching, that is, letting ourselves and the baby be too fat.In September 2021, the Chinese Nutrition Society released the "Chinese Women’s Pregnancy Weight Monitoring and Evaluation" (T/CNSS-009-2021), which made suggestions on women’s weight growth during pregnancy and can make a reference.

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Control the weight growth within a reasonable range. Although it cannot be completely avoided, the occurrence of stretch marks can not be completely caused by it.More importantly, controlling weight loss can reduce the occurrence of major diseases such as eclampsia, hypertension during pregnancy, and gestational diabetes, which is very important for the health of pregnant women.

Here we must also say that skin oil does not prevent stretch marks, let alone stretch marks.The stretch marks will become smaller 1 to 2 years after delivery, but cannot completely disappear. After the skin is stable after delivery, it can be improved by laser treatment.

4. Itching during pregnancy

Some pregnant mothers will have unknown itching. This itch may be unique, that is, no cause can be found, or it may be secondary to digestive tract diseases or skin diseases.During pregnancy, I feel itchy and uncomfortable. Don’t hold it yourself. You have to go to the doctor to see if you are caused by the disease, and you can also use oral drugs and external drugs to relieve symptoms, so that you can make life more comfortable during pregnancy.

5. Postpartum hair loss

During the whole pregnancy to breastfeeding, hair is a process from more to less.In the early pregnancy, from hair to sweat, it will grow strong due to high levels of hormones, and even hairy state appears on the face.However, in the late pregnancy and postpartum, hair loss will occur due to placenta secretion, feeding children staying up late, and poor postpartum psychological state.

Although hair loss will improve after one year of childbirth, most women’s hair cannot restore the dense of the past.You can use Minoider to relieve hair loss, but there is no particularly good treatment for postpartum hair loss.

The above are the problems of very disturbing expectant mothers, and they are almost impossible to prevent and improve, and they can only be treated after breastfeeding or after lactation.Therefore, mothers might as well relax their mindsets, and simply don’t care about it, give themselves a peaceful state of mind, and give time to time to handle.

When the mother is a process of giving, sacrifice, and accompanied by happiness, the expectant mothers do not forget to take care of themselves while raising their babies. Finally, I will summarize the key points:

Streamlining skin care, gently cleaning, moisturizing, paying attention to sun protection; avoided: vitamin A, salicylic acid, chemical sunscreen, hair dyeing perm and nails;If there is a problem, you can seek the help of a doctor to relieve discomfort; after breastfeeding, after the skin is stable, then solve the skin problems that occur during pregnancy; be a happy mother, do not have to stare at your skin problems, everything is given to time.

I hope that all mothers during pregnancy and lactation can spend this stage beautifully. If you think this article is helpful to you, please like or pay attention. Of course, don’t forget to forward it to friends who need it!

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