How to do a sow’s tire protection work?How do sows be the best to protect their fetuses and fetuses?This article tells you

After the sow is pregnant, our breeding friends cannot relax at once. You must know that the probability of sow abortion during pregnancy is also very high, so the sow needs to be careful and cautious after pregnancy.So what should we pay attention to if we want sows to raise good fetal fetus?

1. Be quiet

The sow was already vulnerable to stimuli. If the sow was pregnant and became restless, it would cause its body metabolism disorders, which would affect the uterine environment, and eventually caused embryo death.

Therefore, when the sow is pregnant, we must keep the quietness of the circle, prevent larger movements around the circle, and prevent strangers from approaching, prevent other animals in the circle.Can’t rush.

In addition, when feeding, you can add it in it: the mother animal is too guaranteed, conditioning the sow’s body, enhancing the body of the sows, and helping sow to raise a good fetus.

2. Control the sow

The weight of sows has a great impact on the development of the fetus.Breeding sows are not as fat as they raise, but to be reasonable.The sow is too fat, the more fat in its body, the fat will compress the uterus, causing the fetus to die normally and die.If sows are too thin, then it does not have more nutrients to provide the fetus development. The fetus cannot absorb sufficient nutrients. It cannot grow and develop, and it will naturally die.

Therefore, if pregnant sows are too fat, feed less materials and let it lose weight. If the pregnant sow is too thin, feed it more appropriately to increase the weight, and add it to the mixture: multi -Victoria Pacific, come to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it to give it.The thin sow supplement comprehensive and rich nutrients.

3. Prevent mold toxins

One of the major reasons for sow abortion is mold toxins, which is also a point that many people ignore, because many people think that the feed looks good. How can it be moldy?

This is a big misunderstanding. It is necessary to know that the mildew of the feed is a natural reaction that is happening every minute and every second. The storage measures we usually make are just reducing the speed of the mold of the feed.Long hair is actually not visible because of slight mildew’s eyes, so it is necessary to add analogy to the feed. Don’t think it is an IQ tax.

When choosing a moldy agent, we can use: clim mold is too guaranteed. It takes oxidase and probiotics as the main ingredient, which is safe and harmless. While removing mold, it can also purify the toxins in sows.

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