How to do a bad mood, how to adjust your emotions for pregnant women

If a friend of a pregnant woman in the family can be able to appreciate the unstable emotions of pregnant women, their emotions can easily fluctuate because of a trivial matter.So how can pregnant women feel bad?Have you paid attention to the health of pregnant women?Today, let’s take a look at the psychology of pregnant women and see what to do if they are in a bad mood.

I believe everyone knows that women’s psychology is difficult to guess, and when she is pregnant, she doesn’t understand.So what kind of psychology will they have?

1. Right -minded psychology

What happened in the morning in the morning was to go to the toilet and vomit. I always feel nausea and appetite, and my legs often twitch.I believe this is almost every stage of pregnant women experience.But do not feel bad because of pregnancy reaction.Specific mommy should maintain a comfortable mood, stable mood, maintain psychological balance, and adjust to the best state of expectant mothers. We must firmly believe that this is just a normal pregnancy process.

2. Worried about psychology

Does the food eaten today affect the baby? Does anyone feel that the gesture will press the baby yesterday? Yesterday, it smells the smell of oil smoke in the kitchen? It is normal for the baby moms. This is normal.Worried, you should say and rely on scientific methods to determine, instead of blindly worrying, do a good job of check -up on time.

3. Meaning psychology

Preparatory depression is a word that has only appeared in recent years. She has a pregnancy psychology because pregnant women cannot meet the things around her. These negative emotions can cause insomnia and anorexia in pregnant women.Very unfavorable.

4. Meaning psychology

Mother Li is a person who loves children very much, so during her pregnancy, she almost put her mind on the fetus, and sometimes she even refused to cook, forget to cook with her husband at home.Mr. Li also expressed his dissatisfaction repeatedly on his wife’s "fanaticism" attitude, and finally a debate broke out.

This kind of indifferent sensation, during pregnancy, pregnant women may only care about the fetus in the body and indifferent to things other than outside: the husband who does not care about his husband is not good, and the breakfast prepared by expectant mothers in the past does not care.Although such expectant mothers seem to pay great attention to the baby in the stomach, this indifference psychology will affect the relationship between the husband and wife, which will affect the baby’s development.You know, the baby can feel it!

5. Relying on psychology

Most expectant moms will choose to recuperate at home, and they always hope that their husbands can always be with them.This emotion is easy to understand, I believe that prospective dads will try to accompany their wives as much as possible.But sometimes it is obviously not that the husband should focus on all of themselves.Pregnant women should be considerate of her husband’s career and work, learn to strengthen self -reliance, and learn to carry out self -conditioning and self -balance psychologically.

6. Graibeic psychology

You will find that many women like to lose their temper after pregnancy, and they will constantly complain about their increasingly deformed figure, or sometimes there is no reason at all.They do not know that such behavior will increase the concentration of hormones and harmful chemicals in the blood of pregnant women, and can directly harm the fetus through the "placenta barrier".If pregnant women are often angry when they are pregnant for 7-10 weeks, they may also cause fetal cleft palate and rabbit lips.For the health of the baby’s health, pregnant women must pay attention to this psychology.

7. Guess psychology

Mrs. Li’s husband is a typical Chaoshan. Although the husband always says "giving birth to boys and women", he knows that his husband’s most desire is a son.Husbands have been hinted during my wife’s pregnancy: If this child is not a man, he will be chased again.The idea of a male and female in her husband’s house made Mrs. Li Tai "shocking" during pregnancy. Every day, she was thinking about a question: whether the baby is a boy or a girl? This pressure will greatly reduce the mood of pregnant women.In fact, it is a boy or a girl, and it is the meat on the heart of the parents.

8, shy psychology

Some prospective mommy will worry that the gradually deformed figure after pregnancy will be smiled by others, so they are always afraid that others will see that they are pregnant and shame in public places. This is completely unnecessary.It is said that women during pregnancy are the most beautiful, and expectant mothers can generously tell you the people around you, you are pregnant! I believe everyone will bless you.

9. Tight psychology

In the past, pregnancy was a big thing. There are still many "traditions" left in the older generation, such as the prospective mummy cannot take scissors, otherwise the baby will be rabbit lips and so on. Some expectant moms will listen to the eldersIf you, will slowly cause a fear of childbirth.

What should I do if pregnant women are in a bad mood

When the expectant mothers are comfortable, some useful hormones will be secreted in the body, which is conducive to the normal growth and development of the baby; when the mood is not good, it can also disturb the normal development of the fetus. ThereforeEmotions, when the expectant mothers are in a bad mood, they can be improved by the following methods.

1. Moistor mood

This is a more commonly used method. When you are in a bad mood, you can do something you like, such as listening to songs, reading books, shopping, etc., so that your bad emotions can be shifted.

2. Release bad emotions

When pregnant women are in a bad mood, you can find friends and relatives to tell or write a diary. When necessary, you can cry for a while. These can release the pressure, grievances and distress in the heart.

3. Self -warning

When you are in a bad mood, warn yourself, "Don’t be angry. Don’t be angry, you can’t solve the problem, the baby in the stomach is watching, he will be unhappy", so you can alleviate bad emotions, and you must be happy for your baby for your baby.Life.

4. Go out to play or return to my mother’s house

When you are in a bad mood or are wronged, don’t let yourself be sullen. After all, your body and fetus are important. You can go to travel outside to disperse. It is best to go to the mother’s house to adjust the mentality, so that your mood can be released.


When pregnant women are in a bad mood, don’t blindly indulge in sadness, which is not good for herself and the fetus.

Relax your mood, change the environment, and breathe more fresh air.

Conclusion: The above is some of the relevant content of the health of pregnant women introduced for everyone. I believe that after reading the article, everyone knows what kind of psychology pregnant women will have.what to do?You can refer to the method in the text to alleviate the psychology of pregnant women.

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