How to discover and confirm that I am pregnant?

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I’m pregnant?Who will tell me–

The first information is to discontinue menstruation, fertility age, and usual menstrual cycle rules. Once the menstrual period passes for 10 days or more, it should be suspected as pregnancy.If menopause has been discontinued for 8 weeks, pregnancy is more likely.Memoral discontinuation is the earliest and most important symptoms of married women’s pregnancy.Of course, menopause is not necessarily pregnancy.

Secondly, about half of the women in the early pregnancy (about 6 weeks of menopause) have dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, having greasy food or having greasy, nausea, morning vomiting, etc., called early pregnancy reactions, which increases the increase in HCG in the body.Stomach acid secretion and extension of gastric emptying time, mostly disappear by themselves at about 12 weeks of pregnancy.Some people have suddenly changed their tastes in the early stages of pregnancy or even before menopause.Some people are particularly loved for certain foods, such as sour food.Foods and drinks that are usually forbidden after pregnancy include fried fat foods, coffee, alcoholic food and cigarettes.Some people describe the taste of eating like chewing wax after pregnancy, so it also affects the taste of food.Pregnant women’s preference for certain foods may also be related to hormone secretion in the body. Do not eat too much food with high calories and low nutritional value.Urine frequency may also occur in early pregnancy, which is caused by an increased front -tilt uterus that compresses the bladder in the pelvic cavity.About 12 weeks of pregnancy, when the uterine body enters the abdominal cavity and no longer compresses the bladder, the frequent symptoms disappear naturally.There will also be some changes in breasts: since 8 weeks of pregnancy, the increased estrogen hormone has gradually increased the breast when breast development. Pregnant women consciously consciously breast pain and nipple pain, and the first pregnant women are more obvious.Once breastfeeding women are pregnant, milk often decreases significantly.The nipples and its circumference are deepened, and nodules around the areola appear.

When you find that you have one or several of these situations, you can use the following medical methods to confirm whether you are really pregnant.

Early pregnancy test strip

The test strip is mainly to detect the content of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine. When the HCG content reaches a certain diagnostic standard, the early pregnancy test strip shows positive results.Generally, the instructions attached to the test strip can be found to be found within 3 to 4 days after the fertilized eggs are in bed; but in general, except for the early conception of the concerted period, the positive rate is the highest in about 4 weeks, and the test results are the most accurate.EssenceBleak

Hospital test

The charges for large hospital urine tests are about 8 yuan, which is a way to determine pregnancy.Or you can also draw an intravenous blood to check the blood HCG concentration.If you want to know if you are pregnant at the first time; or multiple urine tests are negative, but he is highly suspected of being pregnant; or doctors suspect that there is a possibility of ectopic pregnancy; this examination can be performed.EssenceBleak


If the ultrasound is found, it is confirmed that you are pregnant.About 4 weeks of pregnancy, you can clearly see the gestational sac, the diameter of the gestational sac is about 1 cm.

In the early days of conception, some female friends may have some physical discomfort, some are physiological, and some may be pathological. I hope everyone understands and deal with these situations correctly:

For example, the lower abdomen pain is mainly caused by the ligament that supports the uterus due to the expansion of the pregnant uterus.As long as you rest, if the pain is severe or continuous pain, not occasionally painful, you need to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

There are also people with palpitations, mainly because the pregnant woman caused by the increase in pregnancy hormones will feel tired, palpitations, or breathing unsatisfactory, lazy or weak or drowsy.

In addition, in the early pregnancy, if there is bleeding from pregnant women, it is worthy of our attention. This may be the problem of cervical, such as cervical erosion, polyps, or cervical cancer; it may also be signs of abortion.The atrophic embryos may be aborted or incomplete; it may also be the possibility of ectopic pregnancy or the embryonic bleeding caused by the lack of lutein.Regardless of the amount of bleeding, you must seek medical treatment. After the doctor is diagnosed, it is given appropriate treatment.

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