how to deal with edema of pregnancy?Don’t worry about pregnant women, 4 wonderful tricks can be relieved

Generally, in the late stages of pregnancy, many physical edema occurs. This is caused by the liquid composition in the blood vessels leaked out of the blood vessels, which is caused by the gap between the tissue gap.In fact, some small tricks in life can effectively cope with the problems of edema during pregnancy, and expectant mothers quickly learn.

1. Can’t sit for a long time or stand for a long time

For pregnant women who need to sit for a long time, a short stool can be placed under the feet.Stand up for 10 minutes for half an hour to promote blood circulation in the lower limbs.Try to use the left side or lie flat when sleeping.When sitting, try not to tille Erlang’s legs, and often stretch your legs to move your toes or heels.Because the venous blood flow of the lower body is not easy to return to the heart, the venous blood mainly depends on the contraction of the muscles and is transported back to the heart. When lying on the bed, try to use a low -footed posture, which can relieve the problem of leg edema.

2. Ensure enough sleep and rest

Do not let the mental stress too nervous, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and avoid making the body overworked too much. At least 30 minutes after each meal, it is necessary to ensure 8 hours of sleep every day.Take half an hour at noon to take a lunch break to adjust the relationship between life and work.You can usually cultivate sentiment by listening to light music or reading books.

3. Choose comfortable shoes or socks

Do not wear too tight shoes and socks, otherwise it will press the calf or ankle, affecting local blood flow.If you choose elastic socks that can prevent edema, you should try to choose high -waist as much as possible, and try to wear it as much as possible before work.In the case of physical permission, they participate in outdoor activities, such as walking, pregnant women yoga or swimming to reduce body edema.

4. Eat more vegetables and fruits and protein

You can usually eat more lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, beans, and poultry with rich lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, milk, and poultry.Pregnant women eat at least 2 to 3 times a week to supplement iron and zinc to prevent edema caused by malnutrition or anemia.Every day, there are 500 grams of different types of vegetables and 100 grams of low -sugar fruits. The minerals contained in inorganic inorganic salts and vitamins can not only improve their resistance, but also strengthen the speed of metabolism and achieve the effect of understanding toxic diuretic.The amount of salt per day should not exceed 6 grams, and you cannot eat processing food high -salt food and pickled food.

Kind tips

Pregnant women cannot refuse to drink water because of physical edema. The lower body edema is mainly caused by taking too much salt or uterine compression. Drink plenty of water every day, eat more water -rich fruitsfluctuation.

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