How to choose the minimum damage will be selected?

Pregnancy is one of the happiest moments in women’s life, but for expectant mothers who are pregnant, physiological defects in children, or physical conditions are not suitable for continuing pregnancy, remove children in timePregnancy may be the best choice for yourself and your baby.

And once you decide to have a miscarriage, when will it be the best?The surgery is too painful. Is there a medicine abortion?What side effects?

I hope this article can answer questions for women with demand.

The two main ways to end pregnancy include drug abortion and abortion surgery.

Planned Parenthood pointed out that within 70 days of pregnancy (from the first day of the last menstruation), drugs can be used.

The common medication scheme is the combined application of Mifei Welse Ru486 and vaginal prostaglandin. For women who are pregnant for 9 weeks, the effective rate of this plan is as high as 95%.Terminate early pregnancy.(According to the Merck diagnosis and treatment manual, 18th edition)

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The US Family Planning Association believes that abortion surgery is the most insurance before 6 months of pregnancy.

"Merck Diagnosis Handbook 18th Edition" is introduced. Generally speaking, surgical abortion of surgery below 12 weeks of gestational weeks usually uses suction surgery -absorbing the uterine pregnancy in the vacuum device through the sleeve.The use of surgery to stop pregnancy.

For 12-18 weeks of pregnancy, abortion surgery should include expansion and suction palaces at the same time-first use seaweed or other instruments to expand the cervix, separate the fibula with pliers, and then suck amniotic fluid, placenta and fetal wreckage with the method of suction.

According to statistics from the Guttmacher Institute of non -profit tissue in the United States, the incidence of abortion complications in 3 months before pregnancy is less than 0.05%.

The American Maternity Association said that in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, the mortality rate of childbirth was 11 times the mortality rate of abortion surgery; once 20 weeks passed, the mortality rate and abortion of childbirth were roughly the same.

So if you want to terminate your pregnancy, the earlier you must get better.

Since you can have a drug abortion or abortion surgery in 10 weeks before pregnancy, is it good or good for surgery?The flow of abortion is too painful. Can I replace it with a drug flow?

The answer is that there is no absolute difference between drug abortion and abortion surgery, it is just the different risks and complications that the two may produce.At the same time, each person’s sensitivity and tolerance of the drug are different. Once the drug abortion effect is not obvious or the side effects are too large, the degree of pain in (physiological) is no less than surgery.

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Specifically, the advantages and disadvantages of abortion surgery and drug abortion are as follows:

Advantages: time -saving, convenient, and fast.


Large damage to the human body;

During surgery and after surgery, complications such as major bleeding, cervical tear, and infection are prone to occur.If it is a medium to severe infection, it may be life -threatening.

The cervical expansion of the annotations during the Yueyue is likely to lead to incomplete cervical function.

Advantages: No need for surgery, less trauma;


The overall time spends longer;

Taking prostaglandin may produce a series of adverse reactions, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, high fever, flushing facial, bronchial spasm, etc.

The efficiency of drug abortion is not as effective as surgery.The abortion is not thorough, and the situation where the curettage needs to be surgical will occur from time to time.

According to the above advantages and disadvantages, it is recommended that women who need abortion choose the most suitable artificial abortion plan according to their pregnancy month and physical condition.

Reference materials: "Merke Diagnosis and Treatment Handbook 18th Edition"

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