How to cause breast tenderness in pregnant women and what are changes in breasts during pregnancy?

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How to cause breast tenderness in pregnant women?

Breast pain during pregnancy is normal. This tenderness is similar to women’s feelings before menstruation, but it is stronger.Breast pain will improve significantly after 3 months of pregnancy.

Below, let’s take a look at the changes in breasts during pregnancy.

Breast pain

After 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, many pregnant women will have symptoms of breast tenderness. This is one of the earlier signs of pregnancy, which is caused by changes in hormone levels.

After pregnancy, due to placenta and villi secretion of large amounts of estrogen, progesterone, etc., under the common stimulation of estrogen and progesterone, from the beginning of pregnancy, the fat layer of pregnant women is thickened, the blood is fullIncrease.The expansion of the mammary gland may cause big sensitivity and pain in breast bloating.The color of the nipples and areola is darker, and there is a dark brown nodule and other phenomena around the nipples. After 12 weeks, there will be a little water -like milk secretion.

As the level of body hormone stabilizes, this situation will gradually be reduced, but there are also breast pain in pregnant women.But pregnant women do not have to be too nervous. This is a normal physiological reaction and a physiological preparation made by the human body for postpartum lactation.

Symptoms of breast pain

1. Breast sensitivity and pain.Under the influence of hormones, the breast hyperplasia and development of pregnant women, and connective tissues around the breasts are also proliferated, accompanied by the increase of fatty fat.This pain is very similar to women’s feelings before menstruation, but it is stronger.Breast pain will improve significantly after 3 months of pregnancy.

2. The chest becomes larger.Under the influence of progesterone, the breasts of pregnant women will slowly swell in order to protect the milk after the sun is sufficient.During the 3-4 months of pregnancy, the breast growth will grow faster, the growth of the second trimester becomes slower, and the breasts are still increasing in the third trimester, but the growth rate is slow.

3. Black areola.Under the stimulation of sex hormones, prolactin, and lutein, the breasts begin to proliferate, and areolas are caused by increasing the sebaceous glands and the precipitation of pigmentation.The color of the areola will become darker and continue until after pregnancy, and the size of the areola varies from person to person.After the nurturing period, the areola will be appropriately smaller and shallow, but it will not necessarily return to the original appearance.

Breast pain examination

Breast pain during pregnancy is normal. If pregnant women are worried about abnormal breasts, they can determine whether breast pain is within the normal range through the following symptoms:

1. Tingling

Pain is the more normal breast symptoms of pregnant women after pregnancy. Due to the continuous hyperplasia of the breast, there may be pain in the entire pregnancy. As long as there are no other special symptoms, they are basically normal.

2. hard block

After pregnancy, the breasts are swollen, and the hard block will be more difficult to find. After the breast blood vessels are hyperplasia, if there are bad cells in the breast, the hyperplasia blood vessels will provide more nutritional development, and the tumor will grow even greater.If the hard block is found during pregnancy, most of the hard blocks exist before pregnancy.Therefore, women can go to the hospital for careful breast examination at the hospital when preparing for pregnancy or just pregnancy, so as not to continue until the pregnancy.

If the pregnant woman finds a hard block, the doctor will check it first to judge that the hard block is benign or malignant.Bed lumps are usually cysts, lipomas, adenoma, or water tumors caused by pregnancy.Nakian lumps do not need to be processed immediately, especially in the pregnancy stage, but they will be tracked and observed regularly.

If it is a malignant tumor, it will determine the treatment method depending on the number of pregnancy weeks.If it is found in the early stages of pregnancy, some examinations may affect the fetus, and the hormonal and blood changes after pregnancy will make the tumor grow very fast and it is easy to cause lymph metastasis. It is usually recommended to terminate pregnancy.

In the middle and late pregnancy, the organs of the fetus have been formed. Simple anesthesia will no longer cause much impact. Breast surgery can be performed without affecting the uterus and fetus.The physical condition continues to evaluate.

3. Smakers

Some pregnant women will begin to secrete milk after pregnancy. They must confirm whether they are normal secretions with doctors and do a good job of cleaning.If the amount of secretion is not large and there are no other abnormal symptoms, there is no hindrance. If the secretion of the secretion is that the degree of amount of the bra is soaked, pay attention to cleaning, and generally not special treatment during pregnancy.However, if there is inflammation, it will use drugs to stop the inflammation.

4. Itchy nipples

Itchy nipples should first observe whether the appearance is combined with other symptoms, because cancer sometimes has a characteristics of inflammation and redness of the skin. If the skin color of the nipples does not change, the secretion color is not abnormal.The peeling and swelling situation should be medically seek medical treatment quickly.

Breast self -testing method

1. Take off your underwear and stand in front of the mirror to check whether the height of the breast is symmetrical, the appearance and the skin is abnormal, whether the nipple is sunken or there are abnormal secretions and bleeding.

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