How to calculate the gestational week, do you know?

Teacher Guo, I have been with a predecessor for two years. She suddenly became indifferent to me half a year ago. She said that she liked others and broke up with me.Later, I wanted to find her several times, and she was resolutely rejected.I did not contact for a few months.

Just on September 16th, she suddenly sent me a message and asked me if it was okay recently?I also said I miss me and want to meet me.

The next day I invited her to dinner, drank some wine, and went to the hotel.(Haha, this speed is really fast, or the original formula, the same taste, no wonder such a light car is so familiar!)

On the morning of October 10th, she sent me a message and said that she was pregnant and tested it with two bars.I also posted a photo to me, it was indeed two obvious red bars.

But that night, I said that she would bring a sleeve, but she said that it was a safe period. No problem, why did it be recruited at once?

The two of us are still students. I haven’t graduated from college. I am very embarrassed. What should I do?"

"The two of us discussed and decided that the child was still not. The next day, I took her to the hospital for examination. The doctor issued a B -ultrasound checklist.

The test results show that the gestational sac is seen in the palace, with a size of 24*23*18cm. The 7mm fetal buds can be seen in the sac. The fetal heart and fetal heart blood flow.Early pregnancy.

But the doctor that day said that she had been pregnant for more than 49 days, and she could not do drug flow.What exactly is going on?It is less than a month according to the days."

How long is the pregnancy?

Haha, after reading the letter from this guy, I think I should have a problem how long to get pregnant with you how to calculate.If you count it clearly, you may find that you may actually be regarded as a "connected man".

Calculation method 1: Women with menstruation are generally calculated based on the first day of the last menstruation.For example, this girl, if she happened to be in the same room on September 16th and pregnant, it means that this time is around the ovulation period.According to the ovulation time, it was about the last time she came to menstruation about 2 weeks ago, that is, around September 2.

By October 10, she found that when she was pregnant, according to time, it was about 38 days of menopause, which is about 38 days of pregnancy.

Of course, this method that calculates the gestational weekly according to menstruation is only suitable for women with menstruation.

Calculation method 2: Calculate according to the B ultrasound.In women with irregular menstrual cycles, we have no way to accurately calculate the time of her ovulation. In this case, we can only calculate the child’s size based on her B -ultrasound.

Fortunately, the hero provided us with the results of B -ultrasound, then we calculated how long this predecessor was pregnant based on this B -ultrasound.

Through the B -ultrasound, you can see the pregnancy sac at about 35 days of pregnancy. You can see the fetal heart and fetal buds around 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Based on the size of the pregnancy sac, the pregnancy time can be calculated:

Number of pregnancy days = the average inner diameter of the pregnancy sac (MM)+30

According to the results of B -ultrasound provided by this hero, we calculated that the number of days of pregnancy was about 52 days.If it is the B -ultrasound on October 11, it should be pregnant around September 3.It will definitely not be the night of September 17.

Note: The morphological variation of the pregnancy sac is greater, so there is a certain error based on the measurement value of the gestational sac to calculate the gestational week.

Is that we misunderstood the mistakes?

Don’t be afraid, we still have a better way.

In addition to the pregnancy sac, it can also be judged according to the length of the tire buds. The accuracy rate of this judgment method is within 3 days:

Number of pregnancy weeks = fetal bud length (CM) +6.5

In this way, the size of this child is about 7 weeks, which is about 50 days.

So no matter how calculated, the child cannot be this guy.

According to time, I guess that the last menstrual period should be around August 16th and 17th. In early September, I slammed with others. When I found that I had no menstruation in mid -September, I knew that I was pregnant.It is estimated that the real perpetrator would not want to be responsible for escaping, so the girl wanted to find a receiver.

There is just a predecessor who is looking for a compound, that is the best candidate.That’s why there is a scene of "missing you"-"Meeting"-"Safety Period"-"No Case"-"Pregnancy".

Hahaha, the absolute mind is not only the best actress, but also the best screenwriter and director.

But she didn’t expect that such a good script was suddenly dismantled by Teacher Guo, who was learned!

Actually, I really want to find a pick -up man. Why use this kind of deception?Not only do you want to provide disposable services for free, it is also embarrassing to be pierced.

It’s better to tell him directly to him, "If you really love me, why care about who the child is?" Hahaha ~

However, I also want to advise the so -called "old real person". There is no free lunch in the world. This kind of girl said that she miss you in the middle of the night and go to the house with you. Who said it must be a encounter?Maybe it is a trap!


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