How to calculate the female ovulation period and teach you several calculation methods

Each woman can only discharge a precious egg in a month. If you can master several methods to calculate the ovulation period, it will greatly increase the chance of conception, and the baby will meet with Bao Da Bao’s mother quickly.

Menstrual calculation

The menstrual cycle of ladies can be divided into menstrual period, ovulation period and safety period.Under normal circumstances, a lady at the age of childbearing age can discharge a mature egg cells a month. After the eggs are excreted, they can survive for 1 to 2 days, and the tadpoles can survive the lady’s reproductive tract for 2-3 days.Therefore, if you test pregnancy 2 to 3 days before ovulation or 1-2 days after ovulation, you may be pregnant. This period is also called easy pregnancy or dangerous period.If women’s menstrual rules are 20-32 days, the menstrual period is very regular during this period. The fluctuation time is very small, and the range of fluctuations is: 1 to 2 days or 2-3 days.For this type of menstrual law, her ovulation period is about the 14th day of the menstrual period.

For example, menstruation on the 30th of each month; if the last menstrual period is September 30, according to the law, that is, the 30 -day menstrual period, then the next menstruation time should be October 30th; then ovulationTime should be pushed forward for 14 days, that is, around October 16th.

Advantages: free, no professional knowledge, as long as you learn well in basic mathematics

Disadvantages: There are too many aunts who are not regular, and the uncertain factors are large

Suitable for the crowd: menstrual rules, young people who are preparing for half a year of pregnancy

Measure the basics of body temperature

What is the basal body temperature? Basic body temperature refers to the body temperature measured under the premise that there is no diet, exercise, emotional fluctuations, etc. after 6-8 hours of sleep.

Method of basic body temperature measurement: After waking up every morning, you can’t get up. It is best to measure the body temperature in the same period of time.Under normal circumstances, the basic body temperature of women of childbearing age has low body temperature in the first half of menstruation, and the body temperature in the second half of menstruation rises.The double -phase body temperature curve indicates that the ovary ovulation is ovulated, and ovulation usually occurs before the body temperature rises or is rising from low to high.Women with less obvious changes in body temperature during ovulation can measure a few more menstrual cycles, so that they can master the laws of ovulation.One week after menstruation and menstruation is a continuous low temperature period. After the transition to the high temperature period, it will return to the low temperature period, and then repeat the process of menstruation next time.The day from the low temperature period to the high temperature period becomes the day of the division point, the basic body temperature will be particularly low.Centered on this day, the ovulation day of the previous 2nd and the next 3rd.

Advantages: Low cost, just a thermometer, no professional knowledge, just persist in records

Disadvantages: There are many influencing factors, such as whether there are severe activities the night before, the daily temperature time, whether they are sick, etc.The comrades who can truly record and draw a complete basic body temperature curve in accordance with the requirements are still very perseverance.It cannot remind you that the ovulation period is coming, it can only be confirmed that it has passed

Suitable for the crowd: people with perseverance and regular life

Ovulation test strip ovulation period

1. Collect urine with clean and dry containers. Morning urine must not be used.(Remember)

2. The best time to collect urine is from 10 am to 8 pm.

3. Try to use urine samples at the same time every day.

4. A reduction of water intake within 2 hours before the collection of urine, because diluted urine samples will prevent the detection of the peak hormone peak in the luteum.

5. Take a test paper and immerse the end of the arrow logo line into the urine. After about three seconds of watches, take out the flat release, observe the results for 10-20 minutes, and the result is subject to reading within 30 minutes.The liquid surface should not exceed the MAX line.

It is best to start the test on the third day after menstruation.Test every day.Do not use morning urine test.Until the two bars are deeper or deeper than the first bars, it means that you will ovulation within 24-48 hours, 3 days before ovulation (sperm and other eggs) to 3 days after ovulation (3 days after ovulation (Sperm and other sperm in the same house are possible to get pregnant.Two bars, you can have the same room on the day of ovulation, and then the same room every other day.(Because sperm can survive for 48-72 hours).

Advantages: The accuracy of this method is high, and it is also convenient and fast. It is an ideal method of calculating the ovulation period.

Disadvantages: Compared with other types, the price is high, and the more the test is more expensive.It is possible to miss the strong Yang peak.For example, the test of the Monday morning is weak, the afternoon becomes a strong yang, ovulation in the evening, and the test again on Tuesday morning is also over.

Suitable for the crowd: very hard to make people

The reason why women’s ovulation period is so important is because it is closely related to women’s health, and it is the best time to conceive. Women who want to be pregnant must grasp this good time.

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