How to calculate the due date when you are pregnant?

Many pregnant women are confused about the estimated due date, and even many doctoral doctors in mathematics are often unclear.Yes, because the due date itself is not easy to calculate, and it is often easy to change, sometimes because it is wrong, sometimes it is because of temporary need to adjust.In fact, the estimated due date itself is a doctor. Even if you do not calculate, there is nothing much problem.

You just need to remember, the due date is only used to help you arrange the birth checkup and remind you what time should you do … Of course, it has another function, that is, please provide exact time for your husband to accompany maternity leave with the unit.EssenceBecause at that time you should be born, and he was busy.

The due date is usually calculated based on the first day of the last menstrual period before pregnancy. From this day, the number of more than 280 days is the due date.If your menstruation is very regular, then we have a rough calculation method:

The month of the first day of the first day of pregnancy -3 (or +9) = the month of the due date

The date of the first day of the first day of pregnancy+7 = Date of due date (if the result is greater than 30 after 7, the date must be reduced by 30, and the month must be added 1)

Is this calculation method complicated?Let’s take an example.The first day of "I" was on June 1, 2021, one month later (July 1) was found to be pregnant.According to the above calculation method, the due date of "I" is about 2022 (6-3) month (1+7), which is March 8, 2022.However, most of the expected periods calculated in this way have no take -off and landing time for flights.According to statistics, only 5%of those who give birth during the expected period each year.So inaccurate, why should it be counted?Isn’t this more than the black whistle in the Olympic Games?In fact, the due date is just a vague concept, telling us that pregnant women will give birth around that day.Pregnant women should pay more attention to fetal movements, contractions, vaginal bleeding, and water breaking. There is no need to demand that the child must be born on the day of the due date.What’s more, there is no transition from people’s will.


Both premature birth and delivery are all concerns of everyone.

Theoretically speaking, pregnant women have a full monthly delivery at 37 weeks but less than 42 weeks.For more than a month, pregnant women may give birth at any time, and the better the child will be given as soon as possible, or the better the child will be given better, the better the time for childbirth.This child’s exclusive birth time is very important. It is necessary whether it is a birthday or a hukou.

If pregnant women have at least 28 weeks, they will be prematurely produced at less than 37 weeks.The survival of premature babies basically depends on the local medical level at that time.Corresponding to premature birth, the delivery of pregnant women at 42 weeks or 42 weeks belongs to the delivery.Exclusive delivery may also make the fetus face more risks.In fact, doctors only care about whether pregnant women belong to a full -month birth, because premature or delivery is not normal.

Some pregnant women will ask: What if you don’t remember the date of the last menstrual period before pregnancy?

The easiest and practical method is to directly give it to the doctor to calculate, because the calculation of the due date is essentially convenient for doctors to arrange for the checkup.If you want to make up for yourself, let me teach you some other ways to estimate the due date.

If you happen to be staring at your ovulation day and through reasonable distribution of physical strength and scientifically arranging the same room to become pregnant, then even if you don’t know the date of the last menstrual period before pregnancy, it will not matter, this will not affect the calculation of the due date.Generally speaking, fertilized eggs can be formed within 48 hours after the same room, and the due date can be calculated according to this time.You also know that I am not very precise.In fact, for childbirth, it is actually not a big problem for a day or two.The accurate date is only useful when calculating a full moon or a critical point of premature birth.Moreover, the current medical technology can make up for the errors these days.

This is very interesting because the conditions are very harsh.If you forget the date of the last menstrual period before pregnancy, and do not know your ovulation period, but as long as you only have the same room once in this menstrual cycle, you can basically calculate the due date according to the date of the same room.Of course, if there are many times in the same room and not within the same day, it is not easy to judge, and you have to rely on B -ultrasound to check.

Pregnant women generally have early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting around 6 weeks of pregnancy, so many people will calculate the due date accordingly.However, this method is not -dependence -spectrum!Its accuracy rate is almost equivalent to identifying the accuracy of the south by throwing shoes.

If menstruation is irregular, what should I do?

Please pay attention to your own menstrual cycles. If the time of menstruation early or postponed does not exceed 7 days, then you can calculate the due date according to the date of the last menstrual period before pregnancy, and then supplemented by B -ultrasound to verify.You have to remember that all methods are not as accurate as the B -ultrasound examination in the early pregnancy.If you are too lazy to remember various dates, it is recommended that you listen directly to the doctor.

If the time of menstruation is long or delayed for a long time, more than 7 days, you don’t remember the date and ovulation date of the last menstruation before pregnancy, and forgot the date of the same room, and the B -ultrasound examination in the early pregnancy is not done … in this situation …You don’t have to worry about it.

Still the old saying: Give it to the doctor.You just need to ask, the doctor will help you count it, and then you can make arrangements according to this considerable time.

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