How to build files in 12 weeks of pregnancy?

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We ask for the community hospitals corresponding to the community where we live to build files. You can consult a community or hospital doctor according to the actual situation.If it is a foreign hukou, you can go to the residential community to consult the specific process first. So we may only need to apply for one more temporary residence permit.

After the file is completed, where can you choose to check? Community hospitals will provide a free basic physical examination of once a month for 28 weeks, including the height, weight, palace height, abdominal circumference, etc. of pregnant women.The project, of course, you can also choose to choose a fixed doctor in the hospital you planned to produce, which will help your doctor better understand your entire pregnancy and fetal condition.I have a colleague who was checked in the hospital throughout the process. In the later period, she returned to the community to make up for it, but because of the low placenta, she basically stayed in bed from 20 weeks. It was very hard.

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1. On the day of the archives, a empty stomach is required, with an ID card, hukou book, and a pregnancy B -ultrasound issued by a hospital to your community hospital.

2. The doctor will give you a book that records all the examinations during pregnancy, and then give you a list to tell you all the examinations you need to do later.The picture below is my manual record in a community hospital at the time.

3. The examinations that need to be done on the day include: blood, urine routine, liver and kidney skills, blood sugar and blood lipids, coagulation functions, trace elements, and improvement of armor skills.

4. Conventional measurement: Measure the abdominal circumference, palace height, fetal heart, height, weight, electrocardiogram, blood pressure measurement, etc. These are generally free examination.

5. Doctors will enter your examination records into the book and upload it to the Internet at the same time.Then I will tell you that the monthly test of the community hospital is basically free of charge, which is basically free of charge. Of course, you can not go to the community to check it after the card.The hospital is not free, but you need to go to large hospitals such as NT and large rows, and community hospitals generally cannot do it.

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1.12-28 Weekly routine examination must go, monitor your blood pressure, height and weight, etc., as well as fetal heart rate, etc., which can help you understand the state of the fetus in the stomach.

2.28 The turnover card should be used to buy newborns to the community after the hospital to the hospital. This is more than 100 yuan, but it is very guaranteed. The proportion of general reimbursement is almost 60%.A male colleague, Dabao, gave a premature birth in 30 weeks. He had neglected the insurance before, but all of them were self -funded and spent a lot of money.So it is recommended that everyone pay attention to this one.

After 3.28 weeks, you need to go to the hospital for the hospital for two weeks after two weeks. After 32 weeks, you need to be checked once a week after 32 weeks.

4. Pay attention to rest during pregnancy, maintain a good mood, exercise appropriately (except for special circumstances), and nutritional balance can help the baby’s growth and development.

The above is what I know. I wish you all give birth to a healthy baby for full moon. Come on, slowly you will miss this fit time and cherish it.I am a mother of twin babies. I am happy to share. If I feel helpful to you, follow me, thank you!

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