How the ancients had an abortion …

Historical records of abortion

In 1550 BC, the world’s oldest medical book "Eber Disposal" was known to leave the earliest discovery record of ancient Egypt.China has been seen in the history books that have been recorded in the Han Dynasty, and have formed three abortion techniques.After the Tang and Song dynasties, due to the pressure of population growth, abortion has a general tendency in some areas, leading to the disclosure and professionalization of abortion.However, due to the existence of traditional heavy fertility and anti -abortion concepts, the abortion technology has been discriminated against and has not been perfected. People have paid long -term blood costs.

Abortion has been a controversial social phenomenon since ancient times. As an objective fact, it has always existed in people’s lives.In the Han Dynasty, it has been recorded that "Han Book" Volume 97 "Yuan Yuan Biography" recorded., And forced the pregnant palace to get the child in the court.


Abortion is also known as interrupting pregnancy or abortion, deliberately ending pregnancy, taking out embryos or causing fetal death.In China, people generally do not discuss any life ethics in abortion. In the context of a tire, many people adopt voluntary abortion, or are forced abortion by relevant departments.The abortion in many countries (especially Western countries) is a controversial behavior, mainly moral, religious and female physical rights issues.

Buddhist saying about abortion

Master Heart: Abortion is equivalent to killing Arahant.

Arahant is a trainer of theravada Buddhist practitioners, which will be proved to the throne in order to remove desire and make themselves clean.Because the fetus is in the abdomen, all opportunities make it unable to be evil, so the fetus is also a complete and pure life. Therefore, the Buddha included the killing of the fetus into the five rebellious crimes.Essence

The abortion must not only be suffered from hell after death, but also must be reported on a serious illness and shortevity before their death. Indeed, many women’s trauma that many women have suffered from their physiology and psychology after abortion cannot be made up. Abortion often becomes a life in life cannot be wiped out.Scar.Some people have a disease after abortion. Even if they are not sick, the guilt, painful suffering, and even suspicious mood in their hearts are comparable to the suffering of hell.

Mage teachings

Master Hui Law: Abortion is killing

Under 49 days of pregnancy, the abortion offenders are guilty of middle and lower grades. If it is more than 49 days of pregnancy, the abortion offenders are guilty of killing, and the five precepts or bodhisattva precepts are the fundamental precepts. This is a very serious karma., Absolutely avoid abortion!

Will come to the child who is born to be a parent, which is a deep relationship with the parents. If you have been pregnant for several months, and you still use artificial abortion to remove the child, the child is likely to become a baby spirit, and he follows.Before the parents, unless you have done your relationship with your parents, he will be reborn again. The artificial abortion is equal to the end of a life that should have been born. This is a big evil.Intersection

Master of Xuanhua: abortion and dysfunction

I advise everyone to keep the way of husband and wife, do not divorce, and take good care of their children. The family is happy, and the natural country is too peaceful.And I want to advise everyone not to abandon any more.If you think about it, a life has become an injustice before his life is born, and there is a terrible ghost everywhere. Do you say that society will be peaceful?These little ghosts need to be greedy for money, and people who have a good way can be overwhelmed. The little ghost is difficult to entangle!It’s hard to do, there are sinful karma everywhere, can you say peace?

The problem of abortion is very serious.There will be so many incurable diseases in the world today, and abortion is a big factor.This unclean life believes that you call me to die so early, and I will not teach you to end.Therefore, there are so many strange diseases.

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