How should patients with hyperthyroidism eat

Many organs of our body are inseparable from thyroid hormones.Maintaining body temperature, protein synthesis, and fat decomposition, ensuring the basic process of life requires it to participate.However, the thyroid function is not able to keep it normally at all times. As long as it makes a little "small temper", the thyroid function may cause abnormalities.A common phenomenon, a lot of young friends, I suggest that you do not light the enemy, so as not to occur or reduce the hyperthyroidism of the thyroid gland. If you have any symptoms of discomfort.matter.

Compared with health crowd

Different diet of patients with hyperthyroidism

What are the main aspects?

From the characteristics of hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism belongs to ultra -high metabolic syndrome. The basic metabolic rate is increased, protein decomposition is enhanced, and high protein, high -calorie, high carbohydrates and high vitamin diets are required to supplement consumption and improve it.Nutrition of the body.

Therefore, the total dietary principle of hyperthyroidism is to eat light vegetables, fruits and nutritious eggs, freshwater fish, etc. with high vitamin, and should be raised and raw, such as Tremella, shiitake mushrooms, and fresh vegetables.In addition, diet is festival, avoid overeating, and pay attention to diet hygiene, which is also very important for patients with hyperthyroidism.

1. Avoid spicy foods; avoid iodine -containing foods such as kelp, seaweed and other seafood; drink less thick tea, coffee, do not drink or smoke.

2. Ensure thermal energy supply.Compared with his peers, patients with hyperthyroidism are higher.In order to avoid excessive one -time intake, you can increase the meals appropriately, or eat a little fruit and snacks about 2 hours after breakfast and dinner.By increasing thermal energy supply, the metabolism of the body’s sugar lipids is restored to normal, and protein decomposition is reduced.

With the stability and symptoms of the condition, the amount of thermal energy supply needs to be adjusted, and the normal thermal energy supply is gradually restored.

3. Pay attention to increasing protein food intake, but the increase should be mainly beans, milk and eggs. Do not eat a lot of meat, especially beef and mutton.Because the meat has excitement and excitement, it can increase the symptoms such as heat and sweat, so it usually does not exceed 50 grams of meat daily.

4. Increase minerals and vitamins.In particular, pay attention to the supplement of minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and food, liver, fish, fish, egg yolk, soybeans, bananas and orange and other foods.There are no less than 500 grams of fresh vegetables every day. Eat more fresh fruits such as cucumber, tomato, bean horns, watermelon, etc.But foods containing too much plant fiber, such as celery, chives, etc., eat less.


Food list that needs to be taboo

1. Do not eat foods and drugs with iodine -containing iodine: such as kelp, seaweed, seafood, yellow medicine, etc.

2. Do not eat stimulating foods: such as alcohol, pepper, pepper, garlic, etc.

3. Control food for limited eaten: such as cocks, ducks, beef, mutton, dog meat, shrimp, crab, etc.

4. Do not eat foods that can make thyroid enlargement: cabbage, coriander, toon, toon, fennel, peanuts, walnuts, potatoes, etc.


The food list that can be eaten normal

1. Various foods rich in starch, such as rice, noodles, steamed buns, pink skin, taro, pumpkin, etc.

2. All kinds of animal foods, such as freshwater fish, eggs, pork, etc.

3. Various fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. Foods rich in calcium and phosphorus, such as milk, fruit, fresh fish, etc.; If there are low potassium, choose more oranges and bananas.

Patients with hyperthyroidism often have diarrhea. For example, if there are too many foods rich in cellulose -rich foods, diarrhea will be aggravated. Foods with more cellulose should be appropriately controlled.Such as oats, apples, carrots, vegetables, soluble dietary fibers, etc. must be controlled and cannot be eaten.

Text/Chen Lijuan (Chinese registered nutritionist)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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