How old does the fetus grow at thirteen weeks of pregnancy?Is the pregnant mother entering the safe period?

Now that you have been safely entering the middle of pregnancy, the fetus has 7.6 cm long. It is not extremely sensitive to the outside world. The baby is no longer extremely sensitive. The mother has also spent the most prone to miscarriage and can relieve it.The characteristics of the baby’s face are already obvious. The lips can be opened, the baby’s neck is completely forming, and the head movement can be supported.

At this time, very important organ system functions are formed, such as producing hormones, absorbing nutrients and filtering waste.Pancreatic lines, gallbladder and thyroid have also been formed, and the kidney can produce urine.The bone marrow is making white blood cells to help resist the infection after birth.

The vision of the fetus has been formed in the 13th week of pregnancy.At this time, the fetus should be able to see something, but the fetus did not see it.Although the fetus does not look at it, the fetus is sensitive to light.At 4 months, the fetus responded to light.

When the fetus falls asleep or has a position change, the fetus’s eyes are also active.If the light is sent into the uterus in the second trimester, the number of eyeballs of the fetus will increase, and from the brain wave map, it can be seen that the brain reacts with light. The ears are erected, the skin is thin, and the fetal fat appears.The fetus cannot make a sound or cry, because the sound is spread by air instead of liquid.

The color of the fetus is reddish and thickened, which is conducive to protecting the internal of the fetus.The thin hair grows on the face. Because the bones and muscles are developed, the fetus’s arms and legs can move, and the fetal movement gradually becomes obvious.All 20 deciduous teeth and alveolar in the fetus have formed.The liver of the fetus began to secrete bile, and the pancreas also started to produce main insulin.

In the 4th to June, the fetus was completely formed, and the main organs also had functions.The umbilical cord is formed in the throat, and the heart is fully developed.Small fingers and toes are no longer connected.

Painful pregnancy vomiting gradually disappears

This is because the placenta replaces the occurrence of hormones.At this time, the bottom of the uterus is between the umbilicus and the pubic bone.Pregnancy tends to stabilize, disappear in pregnancy reactions, good appetite, and start to feel fetal movement.

After 5 months of pregnancy, the abdomen is obviously swollen, the body is heavy, and does not love activity.Some expectant mothers can start to feel physiological changes, like vaginal endocrine increases, but if there are any pain, burning sensation and stench odor in vaginal vagina, and the color except white are unhealthy, save medical treatment in time!

The body responds active to harmful substances and can easily lead to diarrhea

During pregnancy, the body responds more to the toxins in the form of bacteria or chemical additives in food. As long as there is a little bit, the body will excrete harmful food as much as possible, leading to diarrhea.During pregnancy, diarrhea is a dangerous signal for mothers and may cause abortion or premature birth, so it must not be ignored.

If the diarrhea occurs, the treatment must be cautious in both medication and daily diet.The main treatment measures are to give pregnant women appropriately to supplement the moisture and electrolytes due to the loss of diarrhea in pregnant women; it is also necessary to replenish the calories of the loss, and pay close attention to whether the fetal condition is premature or abortion signs.

The nipples change significantly

The breasts are significantly enlarged, and the color of the nipples and areola is deepened. At this time, there is a little light yellow liquid overflowing the nipples. It is normal. Do not squeeze or pinch the nipples. Do not force too much when scrubbing.

Perfecting the nasal mucosal blood vessel rupture and bleeding

Increases of progesterone can lead to an increase in blood flow in pregnant women, and the nasal mucosa becomes fragile and swollen. At this time, the quasi -mothers may inadvertently rub their noses or nose, and the mucosal blood vessels will break and bleed.

This situation is prone to occur in the spring and winter seasons of dry climate.Cold towels apply the root of the nose and pinch your nostrils with your hands. Bleeding will stop quickly.If you continue to bleed, bleed more, or often bleed, you need to seek medical treatment.


In the middle of pregnancy, some expectant mothers will have chloasma on the face. Do not use medicine casually. The melasma will gradually fade back after the production.Pay attention to the moisturizing of sun protection and skin in summer.

The hip becomes width and larger

In order to grow and childbirth of the baby, the mother’s hips will become wide, the waist, legs, and hip muscles will increase and strong, and the fat will be thickened. The expectant mothers will no longer be petite and slim.coat.

Many mothers and professional women are worried about their physical changes. Please rest assured that after childbirth, the figure will quickly return to the condition before pregnancy.But it should be noted that too much worry and unpleasant mood are not conducive to the emotional development of the baby.

Increased appetite

Expectant mothers will find that their appetite has increased, because the nutritional needs of the fetus have also increased. For the baby, you need to comprehensively consume all kinds of nutrients, eat all kinds of things you usually like but worry about getting fat and dare not eat, but you have to follow you to obeyOne principle is that all foods should not eat too much, too full at a time, or eat the same food a few days in a few days!

The metabolism of the pregnant woman’s body has accelerated in the middle of pregnancy. The energy and metabolism of the auxiliary materials and metabolism of the fetus, the placenta, etc. increase the amount of thermal energy. The daily increase of about 300 kcal than the early pregnancy.More than 0.5 kg.In order to increase energy metabolism, vitamin B1 and B2’s intake should be increased.

Increased progesterone in the body after pregnancy

Because progesterone has the effect of inhibiting intestinal peristalsis, intestinal peristalsis will be obviously weakened.Coupled with the decrease in pregnancy activities, the uterus increases the rectum, and the stop time of the feces in the intestine can easily cause constipation. In severe cases, it can even cause hemorrhoids.

There are preventive and control methods. Do exercise daily, such as walking and doing minor housework, and develop the habit of timing defecation; a reasonable diet, eat more coarse grains, miscellaneous grains, eat more fiber -containing vegetables and fruits or appropriately supplement active lactic acid bacteria.In addition, drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach every day can help defecation.

Do not live in the new house during pregnancy

The air in the new house contains more than 500 chemicals that are harmful to the human body.Environment experts believe that people who live in new houses are mainly to avoid harm to change the air every 5 hours.

In addition to building materials, indoor pollution includes new furniture and chemicals emitted from the carpet. The hair and dandruff on the pets, molds on old clothing, plant pollen and carbon dioxide are harmful to pregnant women.

Use the left lying posture, pay attention to travel safety, go out to sunscreen

Starting in the middle of the expectant mothers, the lying position on the left is the best sleeping posture. At the same time, to maintain some proper exercise, prepare for the smooth delivery and postpartum recovery in the future;Be careful of the safety protection of expectant mothers.

Do not rush to use skin care products such as spots on your face.Pay attention to sunscreen, and the butterfly spots after delivery will increase or reduce it.Followed by massage, massage can speed up blood circulation and nourish the skin.

The steps of the facial massage are: wash your face first, dry the water, and then use the middle line and ring finger to press the middle line of the face to screw and press it out. Finally, apply it with a hot hand towel.

Lower limb vein song

With the increase of the number of pregnancy weeks, the blood capacity of expectant mothers has gradually increased, the weight gain, and the uterus increases. This will cause the lower limbs and pelvic veins to be blocked, resulting in the varicose veins of the lower limbs.Variable blood flow, blocking in the vein of the lower limbs, you will see the winding blue -green vein ball on the calf belly.

The prevention method is:

1. Avoid standing for a long time;

2. Try not to lie on your back;

3. Lying rest every day to rest, you can raise your legs slightly;

4. Lift your lower limbs when sitting, and become a horizontal level with the heart;

5. There are veins or obvious signs of edema. You can wear elastic socks when walking or standing during the day;

6. Seek medical treatment in time when varicose veins occur.

Think of more pleasant things, read more relaxed and humorous books, and watch more comedy and cartoons, which will alleviate some psychological troubles.

Take a walk in an elegant environment every day, talk about the sky with the people you like, and relax the spiritual relaxation, so that the pregnant woman’s body circulates smoothly, thereby reducing the adverse reactions of pregnancy and reducing the irritability of pregnant women.

Walking, swimming, cycling, etc.The intensity of exercise must vary from person to person, and pay special attention to the health of pregnant women.Pre -pregnancy habits can continue to do, but to reduce the level and speed, do not perform sports that jump, distort or rotate quickly.

Pay attention to the following exercise during pregnancy:

*Early and late pregnancy periods should avoid strenuous exercise. Pay attention to choosing light and stable actions, such as walking, slow staircases up and down.

*During pregnancy, avoid squeezing and shaking abdomen movements.

*Avoid supine movements to prevent the uterus from compressing the lower cavity veins and block blood flow.

*Avoid the movement and actions of the position quickly.

*Avoid moving with difficulty in balance, such as too narrow bridges, small roads, etc., to prevent changes due to physical changes and affect balance and fall.

*The ligament during pregnancy is loose, and joint tensions should be avoided, and the waist is particularly prevented.

*Wear the right bra during exercise, do not exercise on an empty stomach.


It is an important part of prenatal education. As long as it is a wonderful thing, it can be used as prenatal education content.The expectant mothers send the beauty that they feel through the nerve transmission to the fetus baby, so that the baby can share everything with the mother.

Body aesthetics mainly refer to the temperament of the expectant mother. The expectant mothers wear a combined maternity dress, clean hair and makeup, which will look full of energy.You know, pregnancy will not only make you ugly, but also make you a more mature and beautiful woman.

Specific mothers have more exposure to beautiful things, such as walking into nature to see the beautiful scenery, beautiful music, pleasing paintings, beautiful poetry, etc., which have a great effect on aesthetic cultivation.

Character training

Personality is an important part of children’s psychological development.Human character has begun to form as early as the fetal period.Therefore, it is very necessary to pay attention to the cultivation of fetal personality during pregnancy.

The formation of fetal personality is inseparable from the impact of the living environment. The mother’s uterus is the first environment of the fetus. The feeling of small life in this environment will directly affect the formation and development of the fetal character.

Explanation of prenatal education:

Caressing method: starting from 3 months of pregnancy.Relax of the whole body, the symptoms of breathing, calm your heart, smiling face, gently placed your hands in the fetal position of the abdomen, with your hands from top to bottom, from left to right, gently stroking the fetus, it feels like he is really caressing the cute little little little small little little small little small little small little small little small little.Baby, feel happy and happy, meditate or gently say, "Baby, mother is with you", "The baby is so comfortable, happy", "The baby is so smart and cute."2 to 5 minutes each time.

Pay attention to the prospective dad. This week, the baby in the prospective mother’s belly has increased weight. Don’t let the expectant mother do a heavy family affairs!Such as washing clothes, raising heavy objects, moving things, climbing high.

Although the fetus is relatively stable compared to some time ago, the fetus must be avoided, but now the expectant mother’s feet may be a bit swollen in the afternoon. At this timeSoaking your feet water, and helping your mother to massage your feet and legs, you will definitely comfort the quasi -mothers’ anxious mood. If you are comfortable, your mood will naturally improve.

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