How much is the blood sugar value of pregnant women?How many of the 4 blood sugar performance, how many?

In clinical practice, some women may suffer from diabetes during pregnancy, and blood glucose during pregnancy may be high, so it is a common phenomenon to develop diabetes. This phenomenon may also be that women have suffered from diabetes before pregnancy.However, during pregnancy, in order to reduce the impact on the child, the medication should be very cautious. Therefore, during the pregnancy, the doctor must be performed under the guidance of a doctor to avoid affecting the child.

The normal value of blood sugar in pregnant women clinically is separated by time, divided into two time periods, each time period has different standards, as follows:

1. Etilizer stage

The first time period is that when the pregnant woman is on an empty stomach, when checking the blood sugar value, the general blood sugar value cannot exceed 5.1 mmol/L.

2. Post -meal stage

The second time period is an hour after a pregnant woman’s meal. The blood glucose value after meals is generally high, so it cannot be used to determine the standard with the blood glucose value of an empty stomach.10mmol/L.

The third time period is also the post -meal stage, but it is two hours after the dinner of the pregnant woman. When the blood glucose value is measured at this time period, it cannot exceed 8.5 mmol/L.

During pregnancy, women must pay attention to their blood sugar value, often measure their blood sugar value, and timely prevent and treat diabetes in time to reduce the impact on children.When using drug treatment, be sure to be performed under the guidance of a doctor, and you cannot use the medicine blindly.

1. Easy to feel hungry

During pregnancy, pregnant women usually feel hungry after meals. This is because blood sugar cannot enter human cells, which stimulates the hunger center. As a result, she wants to eat after meals.Case.Pregnant women’s body is more common to hunger in type 2 diabetes. Therefore, pay attention to the dietary habits of pregnant women and control their blood sugar value.

2. The body is sleepy

When we do work, we feel sleepy, and if pregnant women do not do anything often, we will feel tired.If the body is fatigue, it may be that the body suffers from diabetes. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to it. It cannot be said that the body is too tired because of pregnancy.Yu discovered and treated.

3. Easy to feel thirsty

Thirst is the normal phenomenon of the body, but it often appears on pregnant women, which will cause attention.During pregnancy, if you feel that you are often thirsty, you need to replenish water every few minutes or ten minutes. It may be a diabetes. Because of the early stages of gestational diabetes, thirst is a common phenomenon. Thereforetreat.

4. Easy to feel dizzy

When suffering from diabetes, hypoglycemia often occurs, and hypoglycemia occurs, and the body is prone to dizziness. Therefore, if you often appear dizziness, you must pay attention to your own rest.

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