How much harm is crying to the fetus during pregnancy?Don’t mess with the pregnant mother anymore to cry anymore

Mao Mao has been pregnant for five months. He usually pays special attention to his diet and schedule, for fear of what accidents in the child in the stomach.Because the pressure to be affected during pregnancy is great, she hopes that everyone can treat her gentle and appreciate the hard work of her pregnancy. As long as someone is fierce, she will not be able to cry, and she feels very wronged. Sometimes, even no one is not someoneShe would sigh and sigh, and felt that she was not valued.

Her husband discovered this phenomenon of Mao Mao. He sat down and talked to Mao Mao and told her that everyone loved her very much and knew that she had worked hard, so everyone cared about her, let Mao Mao relax, and often crying is not good for the baby.After listening to her husband’s words, Mao Mao slowly changed her mood.

It is sensitive during pregnancy, and the pregnant mother suffers a lot, so it is normal for someone to care about her care, but often crying for the fetus is not small. It usually keeps the pregnant mother in good mood.Knowing the impact of crying on the fetus, the pregnant mother must take it to heart, and it is really important to maintain a good mood.

one.Affect fetal organ development

Early pregnancy is an important period for the development of various organs of the fetus. If the pregnant mother is in a bad mood during this time, and often crying, it may affect the development of the fetus’s oral cavity, leading to other abnormalities such as rabbit lips after birth.After birth, the baby is not as indigestion than other children of the same age, which may lead to poor digestion of the baby.For the healthy development of the fetus in the stomach of the pregnant mother, the pregnant mother must maintain a good mood and don’t cry often.

two.It has an impact on the baby’s personality

Pregnant mothers often cry, and they must be because their mood is low, so the fetal treasure in the stomach will feel the mood of the mother. After birth, it is likely that they are often angry, irritable, and moody.Try to relax, otherwise the mother will suffer after the child is born.

three.Easy to cause premature birth

Pregnant mothers are in a bad mood, hormones in the body will change accordingly. The fetus cannot develop well. It may also be born early because the pregnant mother has been hit too much, and it may be severely abortion.The reason why pregnant mothers often cry, aside from their own factors, do not say, because of the family, the husband should pay more attention to the state of the pregnant mother in normal life, and from time to time, care about the pregnant mother with kind words.Keep a good mood so that the baby can be healthier after birth.

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