How much does the infusion during pregnancy affect the fetus?

As the saying goes, "It is three poisonous medicines."In particular, expectant mothers can avoid the use of drugs during pregnancy.Because he is afraid that once you take medicine, the drug will cause harm to the fetus.However, during pregnancy, human immunity will gradually decrease, so during the ten -month pregnancy, many expectant mothers will inevitably have some headache and brain fever. If you insist on not taking medicine, you want to cure the disease by hard support.Obviously it is impossible.After reading the following suggestions, you know that in fact, the infusion during pregnancy is not as horrible as everyone imagined, and the consequences are not so serious.

First, can a cold during pregnancy be infused?

Cold is a self -limiting disease. Cure is a natural course. The purpose of medication is only to alleviate various symptoms.Like other patients, expectant mothers will recover for about a week.However, because antiviral drugs are mostly not suitable for pregnant women, they should pay special attention to treating pregnant women’s virus cold when taking medicine.Therefore, if you find a cold, you must focus on your own resistance. If you fail to heal in about a week, you must see the doctor for the doctor, and consider some drugs that do not affect the health of maternal and infants as appropriate.

Second, a high fever during pregnancy, can you insist on having an infusion?

If you have a fever caused by a cold during pregnancy, especially when a high fever is above 38.5 ° C, you must seek medical treatment in time.Especially in the early pregnancy (within three months of pregnancy), high fever can affect the embryo, leading to abortion and fetal malformations.When medical treatment, doctors generally guide physical cooling or use penicillin antibiotics, which are safe for fetuses and pregnant women.And when I was pregnant, the baby absorbed the mother’s nutrition less, but provided the baby he needed by the yolk sac to provide the baby.So don’t worry too much about whether it will affect.

Third, how much impact does the infusion use of penicillin on the fetus?

It is easy to catch a cold and cough during pregnancy, and once it suffers from a cold, it is difficult for many people to cure.At this time, some antibiotics have to be used to avoid delaying the condition and affect the fetus.There are many types of antibiotics. Generally speaking, antibiotics that are safer to fetuses include penicillin, such as Protain penicillin and ammonia crickets.Therefore, penicillin has no effect on the fetus, and can be used throughout the process during pregnancy, rest assured.

Fourth, what drugs should be avoided during pregnancy?

The following antibiotics: galcalin, amkar, tetracycline, Mino cycloin, 土omycin, and chlinomycin.According to research, the first two types of fetal teratogenic effects.The latter four are dangerous to human fetuses, so it is generally not suitable for pregnant women.

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