How much does the expectant mothers take contraceptives before pregnancy?

Fangfang just learned that he was pregnant some time ago, but he didn’t have the joy of being a mother!This is because I have taken contraceptives before, but I am still pregnant!Fangfang didn’t know whether the child would leave or terminate pregnancy!In the end, Fangfang decided to go to the hospital to explain his situation to the doctor and listen to the doctor’s advice.

Pregnancy is a very happy thing. Whether it is carefully prepared or unexpectedly pregnant, he is a gift given you from heaven!

Fangfang found that he was pregnant after taking the medicine!In this regard, she is very distressed. Does the drug affect the baby?Can the children in the abdomen after taking contraceptives still need it?In fact, the drugs are divided into different levels, and the effects of different levels of drugs have different effects, and the different time of taking medicine will have a different impact.

Therefore, when you are consulting the doctor, do the medicine you take medicine and take medicine to tell the doctor so that you can make the doctor better judge whether the children in your belly can be left.

Generally, taking drugs within one week after fertilization will not be affected, because the fertilized eggs at that time have not been bed.Taking contraceptives within two to three weeks may have a certain impact, and pregnancy may occur in advance, or it may not be affected.

In fact, the fetus will choose to go or stay!Some mothers still give birth to healthy babies after taking contraceptives, but although some pregnant mothers care for the children in their belly, they will finally terminate their pregnancy!This is the so -called survival.

Some fragile embryos will be eliminated in advance, but some will go to the end strongly!Therefore, when the fetus is not affected, sometimes he will make some judgments and decide to stay.So mothers must not be impulsive!

There is no problem with the baby born after taking the medicine!However, there are also risk of terminating pregnancy and fetal dysplasia in advance.After all, contraceptives are a drug, but if this drug has an effect on the children in the abdomen, it will cause symptoms such as bleeding from women’s private parts!If you have this symptom, don’t consider the fetal protection!If there is no discomfort or the body does not appear, and the whole pregnancy is very healthy!At this time, you can judge that the child is very healthy!

Under normal circumstances, abnormalities in the fetus may be due to the long -term use of hormones, not the result of low -dose hormones in the short term.So taking emergency contraceptives within the menstrual cycle is not much harmful to our baby!

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