How much does the dog protect the owner?Since I am pregnant, our puppy has not allowed outsiders to approach me

After giving birth to a child, our puppy has become a free bodyguard to guard the safety of my children

I think that raising dogs brings a lot of fun to a family, and I think dogs are the most loyal guardians of children.There is a very cute black puppy in my house. Although its color is relatively unique and the face value is ugly, during the process of feeding, I also felt its warmth.When the puppy came to our house at the beginning, it was not very pleasing at all, because it was ugly, and it was not as domineering as other puppies, giving a very gentle and gentle feeling.

But because of this feature, every time he takes it out of the house, it will always be bullied by other similar types. At this time, I will not help it to teach those puppies.It may also be because my approach moved it, so in the future, it treats me as the most important person in my life. After a while, I became pregnant. I wanted to send it away, but I saw what it did, but I saw what it did.After doing it, I really burst into tears.

After pregnancy, our puppy has always been away from me. Maybe it also knows that there is a baby in my belly, so I am afraid to do what to hurt me healthy, so I leave me five meters away every day.It feels very warm.Since the stability of the month, it likes to stay next to my belly. Whenever others approach, it always makes a whine sound, which may be warning each other.

After the baby was born, I felt that it was really incarnate into a personal little cotton jacket. I took care of my baby. Whenever the child needs to drink milk, it will run to my side and make me ready to be ready.The bottle was beside the child’s bed, and then looked at me with my own eyes and feed the child to drink.After the child eats, I will also prepare a delicious food for it. Only in this way can it feel fair and will get along with our family in the future.

This heterogeneous frozen dried dog food is recommended by Liu Tian, a diving world champion, and the quality of the champion is trustworthy and helps the dog grow up healthy.It is composed of frozen chicken and frozen egg yolk. These foods can bring the dog’s unexpected energy supplement. I believe no puppy will hate its existence.Whether at home or outside, our puppy will act as a personal bodyguard for our baby.Different flagship store Frozen natural dog food Teddy Golden Moso Bargers small dog puppies, puppies, universal type 5 pounds ¥ 89 Buy

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