How much do you know about the harm of artificial abortion in medical minor knowledge?

Experts in this issue: Xu Daoli, a gynecologist at the Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

In recent years, according to the World Health Organization, about 26 million to 53 million abortion incidents in the world have occurred each year. In my country, there are more than 13 million artificial abortion, and unmarried people account for 20%to 30%of the total number of artificial abortion.

Although artificial abortion technology has become a simple and mature clinical technology, after all, it is traumatic surgery, which has brought inevitable side reactions and complications to the recipient. Let us understand what are the dangers of artificial abortion.Intersection

Damage during surgery:

① Performing uterine: It may cause uterine perforation and endanger life.After the perforation of the uterus, there will be broken mouths. If bleeding is often sutured, the intestine can be damaged at the same time, and the intestinal canal and bladder may be damaged. Surgical repair is required to greatly damage the health of women.

② Inadequate suction, leakage: Sometimes the pregnancy sac is small or the position is not good, it is prone to leakage and need to surgery again; if the abortion surgery does not completely remove the pregnancy objects, it will repeatedly bleed.Membrane injury opportunities.

③ Cervical pipe damage: The larger gestational sac requires surgery, and sometimes expanding the palace may damage the cervix, which will cause incomplete cervical function in the future, causing miscarriage and premature birth.

④ Flow Syndrome: During the implementation of artificial abortion surgery, the cervix was stimulated, and a few women had nausea, vomiting, dizziness, chest tightness, asthma, pale complexion, sweating, cold limbs, decreased blood pressure, arrhythmia, etc., seriousThose may also have a series of symptoms such as syncope, convulsions, and shock. Medically, it is called "abortion syndrome" and requires Atto to rescue.

⑤ amniotic fluid embolism: Amniotic fluid embolism may occur during surgery. This is the most dangerous complication and may cause death. Of course, the incidence of severe complications is very low.

Postoperative damage

① The cervical adhesion of the uterine cavity:

Whether it is negative pressure attraction or tong scraping, it will scrape some endometrium more or less. This is undoubtedly a huge harm to the uterus. If the damage is serious, it may cause uterine cavity adhesion, cervical canal adhesion, etc.In severe cases, even amenorrhea affects the next pregnancy and requires surgical treatment, and the treatment effect cannot be guaranteed.

② Reproductive system infection:

The uterine cavity operation of artificial surgical abortion destroys the barrier function of the reproductive system. If patients have vaginal inflammation, poor disinfection of surgical equipment or prematurely in the same room after surgical equipment, they can easily lead to retrograde infections and cause endometritis, fallopian tubeitis and even pelvic cavityinflammation.It may cause the chance of fallopian tube blocking and pelvic adhesion.

③ Endometriosis

Because the abortion is attracted by a powerful negative pressure, it is easy to make the endometrium spread to the abdominal cavity through the fallopian tube, forming endometriosis, causing symptoms such as dysmenorrhea and infertility.

④ Irregular menstruation

Menstruation is formed by the endometrial endometrium. If repeated abortion is repeatedly flowing, the endometrium is easily damaged, and even the functional layer cannot grow again, which will cause irregular menstruation such as reduced menstruation and amenorrhea.

⑤ lead to infertility

Multiple flow may also cause women to be unable to get pregnant.After abortion surgery, the endometrium is too thin or endometritis, which will affect the bed of the pregnancy sac and cause women to be infertile.

⑥ Premature birth, natural abortion, placenta front, etc.

The cervical function of the abortion has decreased, which is easy to cause premature and miscarriage.The embryo is likely to be a big tree. The placenta is like the root of the tree, and the endometrium is the soil for providing nutrients to the big tree.If the embryo grows on the intact endometrium, the placenta can be absorbed and provided with sufficient nutrition for the fetus.However, if repeated flow of people, it will destroy the original fertile land (endometrium), and the placenta will be excessively growing like a tree in the desert to obtain sufficient nutrition to expand its area.If the placenta extends to the lower section of the uterine or covers the inner mouth of the cervix, the pre -placent and placenta implantation will be formed, which can cause major bleeding during prenatal birth.

It can be seen that the flow of people’s reproductive health is huge, so it is reminded that everyone must use efficient contraceptive measures to prevent accidental pregnancy.

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