How much do you know about short -acting contraceptives?Take you today to unlock this safe and effective contraceptive method

Many people have misunderstandings about short -acting contraceptives. They believe that taking medicine is not good and has great side effects on the body. There are also confusing short -acting contraceptives and emergency contraceptives. In fact, short -acting contraceptives are also a very safe and effective contraceptive methodEssence

Understand the safety of short -acting contraceptives

The composition of short -acting contraceptives is artificially synthetic estrogen and progesterone. With the advancement of technology, they are getting closer to natural progesterone in the human body.

The new generation of short -acting contraceptives not only low hormone content, but also called "short -acting", which means that its drug metabolism is faster, and short -acting contraceptives can be metabolized by half in the body and will not be stored in the body.Therefore, taking risks is even smaller, unlike everyone’s misunderstanding of side effects.

In addition, long -term use of short -acting contraceptives can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer and the incidence of endometrial cancer.

Taking it correctly, it will not only affect fertility, but also bring you some other aspects of benefits, such as regular menstrual cycles, more menstrual periods, primary dysmenorrhea, can also improve early syndrome, treat polycystic ovary comprehensiveSymptoms and so on.Therefore, short -acting contraceptives are a recommended contraceptive method, but be careful not to show or forget.

The metabolism of short -acting contraceptives is very fast. Without the ovarian inhibitory of drugs, ovulation will be restarted, which will not affect fertility. Many women can prepare for pregnancy in the next month after stopping the drug.

Not only that, it can also avoid the damage caused by accidental pregnancy and abortion, such as uterine adhesion, pelvic inflammation, and so on.

It should be noted that not every girl is suitable for taking short -acting contraceptives. For example, women with the following situations do not recommend taking:

① Smoking women aged 35 years old

② Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as venous thrombosis

③ Have severe liver and kidney disease

④ Gynecological cancer with breast cancer

⑤ Breastfeeding women or women suspected of pregnancy

⑥ Diabetes with vascular damage

⑦The malignant tumor that hormone depends on (such as reproductive tumors)

Take a closer look. If you have one of the above situations, don’t use short -acting contraceptives to contraception. You can change other ways, such as condoms.

This is also a problem that many women are worried about. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of short -acting contraceptives. Short -acting contraceptives are a safe and effective contraceptive method. Many people think that the composition of contraceptive pills is hormone.Essence

In fact, don’t worry about this.

Estally in the early short -acting contraceptive pills can cause mild water sodium retention. Simply put, it will make you slightly edema, not really getting fat.

Moreover, the advancement of science and technology has solved this problem.

The new surrogacy is closer to women’s natural progesterone, which has the effect of anti -salted corticosteroids and can reduce water and sodium retention in the body.In other words, not only will not increase weight, it can also help reduce excess water in the body and have a slight lower body weight.Is it very good?

After reading these, do you still have misunderstandings about short -acting contraceptives?In addition to condoms, short -acting contraceptives are also a contraceptive method suitable for long -term use.

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