How much do you know about pregnancy?The 5th pregnancy month in the middle of pregnancy (17 ~ 20 weeks)

It’s almost half pregnancy, do you feel that your fetus has become more active now?Over time, the special feelings between you and the baby will deepen with the growth of him or her. This is the mother and child (female) love.

Pregnant mothers and fetal baby will change greatly at this time:

1. Character change:

At the time of pregnancy to the fifth pregnancy month (17 ~ 20 weeks), although the pregnant mother’s weight and body shape will become larger, this is a sweet burden, which is normal.

Perhaps due to fat, tall, tall and different reasons, there are obvious differences in the appearance of the pregnant mother’s body. Some pregnant mothers have begun to appear, and some seem to have not changed much as before pregnancy.With the increase of pregnancy time, the body of pregnant mothers will become increasingly "huge", and sometimes it will even feel a little breathless, but this stage is still a good time period during pregnancy.

Weight loss during pregnancy is not desirable!

2. Emotional changes:

Because the body shape of the fetus is constantly changing, although the weight growth of pregnant mothers is currently caused by positive factors, many pregnant mothers may still feel a little anxiety for their weight gain, which is normal.Because the society has developed a thinking formula for us now, it is difficult to get rid of this concept.

Although the aesthetic benchmark of society is "white and thin" now, there are fetal babies in your belly. Even if you do n’t eat or drink, your baby will grow up, and your weight and body will become larger.So, look at it a little, and wait until the production is finished!We have to be healthy!

6. If the ultrasonic scanning check finds that the baby is abnormal, the doctor will allow you to do more and more professional examinations to confirm whether it is the health problem of the baby.So you have to understand, don’t exclude.If you find a problem, you need to solve the problem!The doctor must be good for you and the baby!

1. The development of baby baby

At this time, the baby’s baby is getting older, and the pregnant mother can clearly feel his existence.Sometimes it moves a bit, and sometimes it is a series of turns.The fetal movement proves that the fetus is full of vitality. If the fetal movement disappears or decreases, you must go to the hospital to find a doctor immediately!

The current baby can hear the sound, the heartbeat of the pregnant mother, the voice of the pregnant mother, the voice of the family, and so on.If there is a lot of noise, the fetal baby may jump or flip the body.

Planguto can start!

1. If the pregnant mother often feels unable to breathe, it is best to go to the hospital for examination to see if anemia.

2. At this time, stretch marks may appear, and there are many massage oils with stretch marks.Remember to choose a big brand. Some small brands or miscellaneous brands say how effective it is, but there may be hormones in it!

3. Increase vaginal secretions.This is normal, but if the secretion is sticky, odor or irritating, go to the hospital for examination.Remember to change your underwear frequently!

4. Pregnant mothers must insist on choosing healthy foods, do not indulge their appetite for processing food and sweets, so as not to grow too much.Of course, occasionally you can eat it!

5. Ultrasonic scanning does not cause damage to the fetus’s brain.This examination has a history of 20 years as a regular examination during pregnancy. If it has serious problems, it will not be discovered until today.Relax!

It’s almost half pregnancy, come on!You are the best mom!Your baby is also very healthy!

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