How much do you get fat after pregnancy?It is said that rarely can meet the standards

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Seeing an article at noon, a traditional Chinese medicine medicine explained the reason for pregnancy. It mentioned that a fetus had three buckets of blood. The fetal growth and development needed nutrition and blood, so it would be absorbed from the mother.In fact, in order to allow the fetus to get better nutrition and blood, more than three buckets of blood have been dedicated, and they have increased a lot of meat.My friend also told me yesterday that he was too unfortunate. During pregnancy, he got 50 pounds and he was 50 pounds.And the baby is only 6.2 pounds, and the meat is all long on her. In the future, this long -term weight loss path, she also imagines how painful it is, but there is no way, who can make herself unable to control her pregnancy during pregnancy.Top.

In fact, it is not only my friend in life. Many pregnant mothers face this situation. Because of the good living conditions and excess nutrition now, many pregnant mothers will exceed the standard. When facing the line of the standard, many pregnant mothers also exist.The misunderstanding was once considered that the pregnancy during pregnancy exceeded the standard. In fact, otherwise, the height of the pregnant mothers was different and different, so the standard range of the weight gain during pregnancy was different.For this reason, pregnant mothers can refer to the international weight index BMI to determine whether they meet the standard or exceed the standard:

Bmi = weight (kg)/height (meter) 2

For example, if the height of the pregnant mother is 160cm and the weight before pregnancy is 60kg, then BMI = 60 ÷ (1.60) 2 = 23.4375, and the weight index is moderate at 19-24, and it is too heavy at 24-29.Pregnant mothers with a moderate weight index, the ideal weight gain index during pregnancy is 8-12 kg, and pregnant mothers with too heavy weight index should control the weight at 6-8 kg if they want to maintain their ideal weight during pregnancy.The weight gain to the ideal weight during pregnancy is a very difficult thing for pregnant mothers, but pregnant mothers must also try to restrain as much as possible, because the weight gain is too large, it will not only increase production difficulty, but also cause various syndrome during pregnancy.The risk of heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes are prone to adulthood.

So how can pregnant mothers eat to control the growth of pregnancy during pregnancy?

Pay attention to diet structure

Eat less greasy, high -fat, and high -sugar foods to avoid excess calories and cause obesity.Eat more green vegetables and try to eat vegetables as fruits, because too much sugar in fruits can cause obesity and diabetes. Vegetables are not only rich in vitamins, but also help pregnant mothers’ absorption of calcium, iron, and cellulose in the body.To prevent constipation.

Eat less refined rice white noodles, and add some miscellaneous grains and beans to the staple food, such as miscellaneous grain porridge, sweet potatoes, and corn, which not only helps to absorb more dietary fiber, but also helps intestinal peristalsis to relieve constipation. It is a good way to maintain slow weight growth.Essence

Eat less meals, insist on walking after meals

If you develop a food habit of eating less meals during pregnancy, it is very helpful to control weight growth. At the same time, pregnant mothers can also take dinner for one hour in advance, take a break after meals, take a walk for 30 ~ 45 minutes, which can consume both consumption.Calories and moderate exercise also help natural delivery.

I call weight every day

If the pregnant mother can call the weight every day, and accurately record the number of growth, this will cause a psychological suggestion that when you are eating, you will be adjusted when you are involuntarily.Weight control.

Moms, dare to expose how many pounds you get fat throughout your pregnancy!Tell me, I’m not alone!


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