How much blood should I be pumped in pregnancy?

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Momnet ID: McDull’s baby: Until yesterday, I have been pregnant 31W+4D. From the beginning of the test of pregnancy, I have a total of 10 tubes of blood.IntersectionMy mother felt uncomfortable when she heard it, because at that time, she hadn’t smoked so much at that time!

Momnet ID: Mo Shanghua Bohn: I can’t count it anymore. Early early detection of progesterone and HCG are N tubes, and four items of eugenics are checked, and then to check what syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, liver and kidney function, etc.Several pipes, you have to check Tang Si, trace elements, blood routine this week, my blood …

Momnet ID: Jennifer Wei: I was drawn once when I first checked the card. Later, I did it once in the screen of Don, and the liver function was drawn once a week.How much do you need to draw, haha.

Momnet ID: Watermelon baby mother: I am pregnant at 25W+3D now, and I checked the liver function to pump 1 tube in 3 months. Later, I only took a little blood when I did Tang Siek.Time to get big blood, check liver function.

Momnet ID: Mulan has no long chest: I think it is best to check all the projects for only 1 tube. Although it doesn’t matter if you draw a little, it still takes time to raise it. Besides, the baby in the stomach also needs a lotNutrition.

It is said that a woman is a queen of 10 months, but the queen’s life is not easy to imagine. In the early two weeks of birth inspection, to once a week, and twice in the last week.Those who disturb the hearts are the blood drawing. Looking at the little bit of blood is pulled out, they have to wait for the blood test results. This day is the queen, is it thrilling than the little girl around the queen?How much blood should be drawn during pregnancy? Anyway, you have to let a lot of mothers have a number. Xiaobian will give you a big news to everyone, how much blood does it take for pregnancy.

[1. What are the blood drawing items that you have to do?

1. Routine blood test

Blood drawing part: elbow vein

Blood volume: about 2 ml of 2 ml

Number of times: 2 to 3 times during pregnancy, 1 pump 1 tube 1 time

The purpose of blood drawing: This blood is mainly to determine whether the expectant mothers are anemia. Mild anemia has little impact on mothers and babies, and severe anemia will cause premature birth and low -weight children’s dangerous consequences.Therefore, this tube blood cannot be saved.

2. Blood type examination

Blood drawing part: elbow vein

Blood volume: about 3 ml

Number of times: Check it once throughout pregnancy, 1 pump 1 tube once

Blood drawing: Is it made by expectant mothers?If the prospective dad is a type A, B, or AB blood, the pregnant mother is type O blood, and the babies born may have ABO hemolysis.In Asians, RH blood type is less negative, most of which are RH blood type positive.If the RH blood type of men and women is inconsistent, the baby may also occur.If the expectant mother is RH negative, the hospital should also prepare RH -negative blood in advance before production. Once accidents occur during childbirth, blood transfusion can be transformed in time.Therefore, the blood of expectant mothers can also save the blood.

3. Liver and kidney function examination

Blood drawing part: elbow vein

Blood volume: 4 ml

Number of times: 2 to 3 times during pregnancy, 1 pump 1 tube 1 time

Blood drawing: This blood is mainly to check whether expectant mothers have diseases such as hepatitis and nephritis. The burden on the liver and kidneys is increased during pregnancy.It will make the original disease "worsening".Therefore, the bloody mother’s blood can also save the same blood.

4. Syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV) virus examination

Blood drawing part: elbow vein

Blood volume: 4 ml

Number of times: These 4 items are checked at the same time, 1 time during pregnancy, 1 pump 2 tubes once

Blood drawing: If the expectant mother suffers from syphilis, it can be passed directly to the fetus through the placenta, which may cause neonatal to be congenital syphilis.The test result of normal quasi -mothers is negative reactions.When the body is infected with syphilis spiral bodies, it will be positive.

AIDS is also a serious immune deficiency disease. Normal pregnant mothers HIV antibody is negative.If the HIV virus is infected, the result is positive.The HIV virus will be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, causing the newborn HIV virus infection.

Among the viral hepatitis, the incidence of hepatitis B and C hepatitis C is the highest. In the early stages of pregnancy, early pregnancy can increase the reaction, and it is easy to develop into acute severe hepatitis, which is life -threatening.If the results of the prospective mothers are positive, they should consult a doctor for intervention in the first time.

5. Donald syndrome screening

Blood drawing part: elbow vein

Blood volume: about 4 ml

Number of times: Check it once throughout pregnancy, 1 pump 1 tube once

Blood drawing: Tang Si is a high -risk individual with a more economical, simple, and non -damaging method of fetal fetus.The incidence of congenital stupidity is 1/1000 (newborn), which is one of the main causes of serious congenital intellectual impairment. Normal couples may also have children with childbirth.Grow up.

Each pregnant mother was checked between 14 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. The negative report only showed that the chance of the fetus had a low chance of this kind of congenital abnormalities, and it could not completely exclude this abnormalities.The results of prenatal screening are expressed at the risk rate that if it is a high risk of Tang’s, it is necessary to further do amniotic fluid puncture.

6. Pregnancy diabetes screening

Blood drawing part: elbow vein

Blood volume: about 3 ml

Number of times: 1 check the entire pregnancy, once with 3 tubes

Blood drawing: Sugar sieve is carried out at 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy.First test the empty blood glucose, then take 75 grams of water -free glucose (dissolved in 300ml of water, take it within 5 minutes), and then measure the varicose blood glucose for 1 hour and 2 hours respectively (start at the first mouth of drinking water).

The day before OGTT, the pregnant mother should fast 8 to 14 hours after dinner to the next morning (at the latest at the latest). Normal physical activity, normal diet, that that is, daily carbohydrates are not less than less than less than 3 days before the experiment.150 grams, fasting, sitting, and smoking ban during inspection.

Once you find gestational diabetes, expectant mothers should listen to the doctor’s advice in time to ensure that the health of you and the baby will not be affected.Therefore, these 3 tubes of blood, the same value!

After counting, there is no strange body in advance during the expectant mother during pregnancy. The blood that has to be drawn throughout the pregnancy is at least 9 tubes., It’s more than just this.

[2. What are the projects that are voluntarily selected]

1. TORCH examination

Blood drawing part: elbow vein

Blood volume: about 4 ml

Number of times: Check it once throughout pregnancy, 1 pump 1 tube once

Blood drawing: The content of this blood test is that rubella virus (RV), Toxoplasma (TOX), giant cytoplasm virus (CMV), and herpes simplex virus (HSV) antibody.If the expectant mothers infected with the above viruses before 4 months of pregnancy, they may cause serious congenital malformations or even abortion.It is best to conduct this test before preparing for pregnancy. Normally, if the examination is positive, you should be pregnant after treatment.

2. Fetal DNA testing

Blood drawing part: elbow vein

Blood volume: about 10 ml

Number: Check it all during pregnancy

Blood drawing: The purpose of this blood can not only be performed by the fetus’s parent -child identification, but also make prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities and single -gene disease.

These two optional projects must not face every expectant mother. Then, for the sake of the baby’s health, people who are timid and afraid of blood before pregnancy will become superman after being a mother.Besides, a few tubes of blood during pregnancy are in exchange for peace and health. Under the premise of not affecting the baby’s development, it can also promote the production of fresh blood. It is also a beautiful thing.

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