How many weeks of pregnancy start early pregnancy reaction?

This problem is really a headache!Each woman’s body is unique, so the time of early pregnancy reaction will vary from person to person.However, I can tell you a secret: the reaction of early pregnancy is regardless of time, it may strike at any time!Do not believe?Then listen to me to tell you my friend’s personal experience!I have a girlfriend who had an early pregnancy reaction before pregnancy.She always thought that she had only had a cold, but her symptoms became more and more serious, and she began to feel a little strange.So she went to see the doctor, but the doctor told her: Congratulations, you are pregnant!At that time, she felt surprised and happy!Now I think of my previous early pregnancy response, so I realized that it was like this!

Breast pain and sensitivity

Many women feel breast pain and sensitivity in early pregnancy.The breasts may become larger and tight, and they may feel pain or discomfort when they touch.

Early pregnancy nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are one of the most common symptoms of early pregnancy reactions.They are usually called morning vomiting, but they can actually happen at any time.Some women only feel slightly nauseous, while others may vomit frequently, affecting daily life.

Sathery and fatigue

In the early stages of pregnancy, many women feel very tired and drowsy.This may be caused by increased energy consumption of body hormones and the energy consumption required for embryonic development.

Changes in appetite

Some women may notice that their preferences on certain foods have changed or disgusted with certain foods.The change in appetite may be related to the role of hormones.

Frequent urination and urgency

Due to the increase of the uterus during pregnancy, many women will frequently feel urgency and frequent urination.This is a normal physiological reaction.

Emotional fluctuation

Emotional fluctuations during pregnancy are common, including anxiety, low emotional and irritable.The change of hormones may affect emotions.

Other possible symptoms

In addition to the above symptoms, early pregnancy reactions may also include headache, stomach discomfort, constipation, low back pain, etc.

Early pregnancy reactions usually begin to appear within a few weeks after conception.Some women may feel some changes in the first week of pregnancy, and other women may begin to have obvious early pregnancy reactions at about 6 weeks of pregnancy.

The duration of early pregnancy reaction varies from person to person.Most women will experience the most obvious early pregnancy reactions between 8 and 12 weeks of pregnancy, and gradually reduce or disappear.However, some women may experience a minor early pregnancy reaction during pregnancy.

The peak time of early pregnancy reaction usually occurs between 8 and 10 weeks of pregnancy.During this time, women may experience the most severe and frequent stages of symptoms.

Generally speaking, early pregnancy reactions will begin to reduce at about 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. Many women may feel that there is almost no early pregnancy reaction at 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy.However, this also varies from person to person. Some women may still experience a minor early pregnancy reaction in the later stages of pregnancy.

Dietary adjustment

Try to eat some easy -to -digest meals to avoid excessive full meals.Avoid greasy, spicy and irritating foods, choose a healthy diet rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Pay attention to rest and sleep

Give yourself enough rest time and arrange sleep reasonably.When you need it, you can add a lunch break or a brief rest.

Try Chinese herbal medicine or supplement

Some Chinese herbal medicines and supplements are said to alleviate the symptoms of early pregnancy reactions, but they should consult a doctor or professionals before use.

Pay attention to emotion and stress management

Actively cope with stress and anxiety, relieve stress by relaxing skills such as deep breathing, meditation and yoga.

Consultation doctors and professionals

If the early pregnancy response seriously affects daily life or has any questions or concerns, it is best to consult the advice and guidance of a doctor or professionals.

Severe vomiting and dehydration

If you have continuous and severe vomiting and cannot maintain sufficient liquid intake, you may cause dehydration.Dehydration may have a negative effect on health and fetal development, so you should seek medical treatment in time.

Can’t eat and lose weight

If the early pregnancy reaction causes you to be unable to eat or lose weight sharply, it may affect the nutritional supply of the fetus.At this time, you should seek the help of a doctor.

Continuous discomfort and pain

If you experience continuous discomfort and pain and cannot be relieved by other methods, you should consult a doctor to seek further evaluation and treatment.

Finally, remind you of expectant mothers that early pregnancy reactions in early pregnancy are very normal.If you feel that the response is obvious, you can adjust your diet and work and rest habits appropriately, rest more, and keep your mood happy.If you feel that the response is serious, you can seek help from the doctor.I hope that expectant mothers can spend a healthy and happy pregnancy period!

I am a novice Mommy@我 mummy who just has a baby. I shared the carefulness from pregnancy to parenting every day, pay attention to me, exchange experience, and want to grow up with you into a better parent.

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