How many things you can’t do during pregnancy, have you recruited?

Text: Pony

When you are pregnant, you should consider the issues that you should pay attention to in many aspects, what should be done, what should not be done.Today, there are older generations saying that everything that is prohibited during pregnancy should be paid attention to.

Today, young people generally have a special love for instant noodles. Instant noodles are like a magical existence. It is indispensable in life. This is not only because the instant noodles are more affordable, but they can also fill their stomachs. When they are hungry, they are hungry.Buying a bucket of instant noodles and adding a ham is simply delicious on earth, which is easy to satisfy when office workers.Many expectant mothers also miss the taste of instant noodles during pregnancy. They want to eat something when they are relieved, but they are afraid that they will have a certain impact on the children in the stomach, so they may endure it.Full of guilt.

So, should pregnant women eat instant noodles? In fact, occasionally there is still no problem, and it can be solved, but it can not be eaten as a staple food. Originally, instant noodles were junk foods.And the fetus in the abdomen is not good, long -term consumption may also cause the fetal life harm.Not only that, there will be some seductive condiments in the instant noodles. These condiments are not recommended to put it, because if you mix with the material during pregnancy, you will cause nausea or nausea to vomit.So it is not recommended that you eat more.

There are also some spams, such as spicy foods such as spicy strips. During pregnancy, family members are not allowed to eat. They have been included in food food, but the more the expectant mothers want to eat. At this time, eat less.It is still possible. The doctor’s suggestion is to eat more light food or light porridge, so expectant mothers will particularly want to eat hot foods of spicy strips.

Of course, the relationship with the family during pregnancy cannot be neglected. Some expectant mothers will deliberately do not do a little housework for their children. They are also very cold to her husband.EssenceFirst of all, over -dependence on the husband will cause the dysfunction of pregnant women to greatly reduce the amount of activity, and psychologically, it will also cause unnecessary anxiety and irritability. The whole person is in a negative situation, which will make your body and mind tired.

At home, do something a little bit to let yourself move. This is not only conducive to your physical and mental health, but also beneficial to the smooth production of the fetus. To do some small things you can do, it is still possible.For food intake, some pregnant women dare not eat some meat or nutritional products with too high nutritional value, which may be less than usual. This is wrong, because if you don’t eat these nutritious foods,Eating only vegetables and fruits cannot increase nutrition. Now it is not only you, but two people.

Some meat and nutritional products still have to be eaten, but they ca n’t eat more, and they have to be moderate to achieve a balanced nutritional match.And can you participate in some strenuous exercise? Of course, it is not possible. It is like lifting Dongxi. Do n’t touch these lives. If you do it, you may cause unnecessary harm to your fetus. It is very dangerous for pregnant women.Well, it is easy to slip, so try not to do it.

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