How many months of pregnancy appear "foot swelling"?There are 2 cases of edema during pregnancy.

Girlfriend is pregnant with a second child and has been pregnant for 37 weeks.Recently, she complained to me that her two feet were edema, and she also made fun of herself like "trotters". Usually, shoes could not be worn at all, and she could only walk on slippers.

In fact, edema in the late pregnancy is normal, and a large part of pregnant women will have different degrees of edema.So, the question is, why does edema occur after pregnancy?Once edema occurs, what should I do is the most appropriate?

There are two main causes of edema during pregnancy, one is physiological phenomena, that is, the impact of pregnancy; the other is pathological phenomenon, because of the impact of some pregnancy diseases.

1. Physical phenomenon

This edema is also called "physiological edema", which is a normal phenomenon for women after pregnancy. The main reason is mainly because:

During the third trimester, the fetus grows quickly and the growth rate is several times before.Because the pregnant woman’s uterus also increases rapidly, it is easy to cause compression of blood vessels in the lower limbs, affecting the venous blood of the lower limbs back to the heart, which causes edema.

The edema in the third trimester is mainly manifested in the feet and calves of the pregnant woman. Some pregnant women with severe edema cannot even wear shoes in the later stage.

In addition, there is another reason that after pregnancy, the body fluid in pregnant women increases, so the blood capacity increases, and some of the body fluid in the blood will penetrate into other parts of the body, and the feet and legs are below the body.Part of the edema is very easy to form.

2. Pathological phenomenon

① Some pregnant women will generate some pregnancy diseases during pregnancy, such as high blood pressure during pregnancy, diabetes, early period of eclampsia, or nephrotic syndrome, etc. These diseases also cause edema of pregnant women.

Therefore, pregnant women must do a good job of check -up on time, and regularly measure blood pressure, especially for pregnant mothers with such family medical history. In addition to regular pregnancy checking projects, they are also best equipped at home with blood pressure instrument equipment and fetal heart monitoring.Equipment, monitor your physical condition at all times.

Physiological edema generally only appears in the second trimester, that is, about 28 weeks of pregnancy, the lower limbs of pregnant women begin to appear edema, and the degree of edema varies from person to person.

Some pregnant women only have mild swelling of the calves and feet, while some pregnant women are more puffy, and they even swelling throughout the body, affecting normal actions.Moreover, the edema will vary with the degree of weather and time. Generally, it is more powerful in the evening or when the weather is warm, and the edema will gradually gradually be strong with the delay of pregnancy.

Pathological edema is caused by pathological, so it may be displayed at pregnancy.If the pregnant woman starts with edema shortly after pregnancy, it is necessary to pay attention to it. It may be a sign of physical illness, and they must seek medical treatment in time.

No matter what causes edema, after pregnant women have edema, they will make their own heavy body more inconvenient, and even affect the mood and normal life during pregnancy.

So, how should pregnant women relieve edema during pregnancy?Let’s try these methods:

① Pay attention to rest and avoid standing for a long time

After pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention to their own rest. Even if they go to work normally, they should ensure sleep time and sleep quality.Excessive body tiredness is not only good for fetal health, but also aggravate edema.

In addition, pregnant women try to avoid standing and sitting for a long time. If they lie, they can raise their legs, which can promote blood flow and reduce edema.

② Drink water in moderation

Many people think that drinking plenty of water is a good habit.However, Xiaobian reminded that drinking water during pregnancy should be appropriate.

Because if you drink too much water, it will cause too much tissue fluid in the body to overflow, making the edema of the third trimester more serious.If it is a pregnant woman with less amniotic fluid, drink a little more water in moderation.

③ Light diet, proper diuretic fruits and fruits

Although it is important to supplement nutrition during pregnancy, the diet is still light, avoiding too greasy and too heavy taste.Because too heavy diet can not only increase the burden on cardiovascular blood vessels, but also easily cause body swelling.

In addition, pregnant women with edema body can eat some diuretic and swelling foods, such as winter melon, watermelon, etc., to promote the metabolism and blood circulation of the new city.

④ Properly massage legs and feet

Edema pregnant women can soak their feet every night, so soak their feet to warm water to promote the blood circulation of the feet and legs.After soaking your feet, you can also perform appropriate massage, which can alleviate the symptoms of edema to a certain extent.

⑤ exercise per day

Even if you are pregnant, you need to exercise appropriately. Exercise can help vein blood flow and relieve edema symptoms, such as slow walking.

Editor’s reminder:

When a pregnant woman walks, it must be depends on her own situation. It should not be too fast or too far. If you feel tired, or have contracted stomach pain, stop immediately.

⑥ On -time pregnancy examination

The checkup is a very important assignment during pregnancy. It can not only monitor the development of the fetus in real time, but also monitor the physical condition of pregnant women.Pregnant mothers must pay attention to the work of pregnancy tests. Do not do a checkup for no reason because there is no time or laziness.

Use Xiaobian’s own experience to alert everyone. When I was pregnant, the medical examination indicators have been very good. Due to the heavy physical body and too many personnel in the pregnancy test, I want to do it.After the fetal heart monitoring, the results were not good, the fetal fetal heart was slow, and the cesarean section was required immediately. In the end, the result was also very good.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must have a physical examination on time and cannot be absent.

Most pregnant women begin to have edema after 7 months of pregnancy, and most of them are normal.Therefore, pregnant mothers should not be too nervous and worried. According to daily care, if abnormalities occur, you need to seek medical treatment in time. Relaxing your mood is the most important.

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