How many months do you usually show your stomach after pregnancy?Does it have something to do with these 4 factors?

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I remember that when Xie Nan made public pregnancy on Weibo, it has attracted many people’s attention, and even many people are very surprised, because Xie Nan’s belly in the photo does not look like she said more than 6 months, more like 4 as 4, more like 4 people.Many months.

In the photo, Xie Nan showed her frontal photo in the mirror. The pregnant belly was really not obvious. Later, she shared the photos of her sports. From the side, she found that the belly was actually not small.

Perhaps because of insisting on fitness, Xie Nan has always been very good, so the pregnant belly is not obvious.

But after this pregnancy, the belly is big or small, and it is morning and evening. What are the factors?

Generally speaking, the time of showing is after 16 weeks.

Zhang Liju, a well -known obstetrician and gynecologist in my country, also said: "Starting from female pregnancy, it will generally become larger after 16 weeks of pregnancy."

At 16 weeks after pregnancy, the stomach will slowly grow. In 6 or 7 months, the fetal growth rate will be fast, and it will not make people ignore the belly.

Why is the belly three months before pregnancy?

First of all, the fetus grows from fertilized egg development. It takes a process to grow up. The fetus is small before 3 months, and the size of the uterus has not expanded, so the stomach is not obvious.

With the increase of pregnancy, the size of the fetus becomes larger, the amount of amniotic fluid increases, and the uterus has expanded. It begins to exceed the position of the pelvic cavity, and the stomach will be obvious.

About 3 months of pregnancy, the process of becoming larger from the belly started from the lower abdomen, which is also the reason why the stomach is not obvious in the early stages of pregnancy.Then about 4 months, the bulging place gradually became up, and the belly began to grow, and the "pregnancy flavor" was reflected.

The body is fat earlier, or is the body thin earlier?

Some pregnant mothers will say that they may have something to do with their original body shape. Xie Nan is so thin. If you wear loose clothes, you must not see it at all.The weight of more than 1330 or more, "shows".

There are also pregnant mothers refuted. It is because of fat that after 5 months of pregnancy, she went to the birth checkup. The bus showed that she was a pregnant woman, and the elder sister beside him did not believe it …

This elder sister was worried.

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