How many days after menstruation are easy to get pregnant?Don’t miss this time in time, don’t miss it

For many husbands and wives who are about to give birth to children, the question they pay more attention is to be more likely to conceive.In fact, if you want to judge that you are pregnant a few days after menstruation, you should understand and correctly calculate the women’s conception. Generally speaking, the two days around the 14th day of menstruation are women’s ovulation period.Conceive.Let me introduce you in detail a few days after menstruation.

A few days after menstruation and getting pregnant easy to get pregnant

The dangerous period is the period of pregnancy (ovulation period), which is a few days before and after the ovulation day.For the sake of insurance, we called the ovulation period for 10 days before the ovulation day and the ovulation day.It is easy to conceive in the same room during ovulation.If you plan to have a child, you must arrange the same room during this time.

The ability to conceive eggs from ovulation is only 24 hours, and the life of sperm is about 3-4 days, and ovulation sometimes a few days or a few days later, so the dangerous period should be added a few days before and after.Five before ovulation, six days to two days after ovulation, three days. "The ovulation day is usually in the middle of the two menstruation before and after.

If the menstruation will come from 28-30 days, the ovulation date is about 14-16 days of menstruation, so it can be calculated about the danger period (that is, when the period of pregnancy, ovulation period).

In addition, there is a simple and simple speed algorithm: "The longest menstrual cycle is reduced by 11, the shortest period is reduced by 18", which is the danger period (that is, during pregnancy, ovulation period).For example, if the menstruation is 28-30 days, 30-11 = 19,28-18 = 10, the danger period is from 11th to 19 days of menstruation.

Regarding a few days after menstruation, I believe that the last prospective parents have already understood.In fact, the menstrual cycle of female friends is normal for 28 days to one month, and each ovulation time is mainly concentrated on the 14th to 16 days of menstruation. ThereforeDuring this time, enjoy the sense of joy, so that you can quickly achieve the purpose of pregnancy.

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