How long is the best child after the chest transparent?Obstetrician: It is best not to be earlier than this time

What exactly is the chest transparent?

Chest transparency, also known as fluorescent perspective, is a commonly used X -ray check method.Doing chest transparency is to allow the human body to form images on the screen by using X -ray penetration, fluorescent properties, and photography effects.Because the density and thickness of human tissues are different, when X -rays penetrate different human tissues, X -rays are absorbed differently.Therefore, the X -ray amount presented on the screen is different, forming a different image.And these images have become the basis for doctors.

What impact will make breastplay on the pregnant mothers?

The chest threatening belongs to a strong test, and this test often has a certain impact on the human body.However, because adults have sufficient immunity and self -healing ability, the impact on adults is not obvious.But the effect of chest permeability on the fetus is greater

Due to the examination of X -ray, X -ray may damage the egg cells, causing the fetus to disturb or even abortion.Even if it is a smooth -producing baby, the chance of suffering from cancer after 10 years is higher than that of ordinary babies.

Since the damage of chest permeability is so great, what impact does the expectant parents who are preparing for pregnancy?

For men, when doing chest threatening, it will affect the mature or semi -mature sperm quality in the body.For women, making chest thorns will affect the egg quality in the body.

I have prepared for my parents and my parents. When is the best baby?

It takes at least 3 months to develop a sperm to develop from sperm cells; and the formation of an egg cells also takes a certain time.Therefore, the doctor suggested that the expectant parents who are preparing for pregnancy are best to have a baby after 3 months of threshold.This can ensure that fertilized eggs are not affected by radiation substances, healthy egg cells.

Although the possibility of distortion of fertilized eggs is not 100%after the chest diarrhea is done, there is still a certain risk.Therefore, pregnant mothers must consider it carefully to leave the baby.

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