How long is the "auntie" who is easy to get pregnant after the pregnancy period? Don’t remember this time!

You know, women have 3 stages per month, namely safety, menstrual periods, and ovulation periods. Generally, they will enter the ovulation period after menstruation, but the real ovulation is only that day.It is even more difficult for women with menstrual disorders.Today, I will help you introduce how long it is to get pregnant after you go.

1. Calculate the ovulation period

The day of the day of menstruation is 14 days of ovulation, 5 days before ovulation and 4 days after the ovulation, and the total 10 days of ovulation day is the ovulation period. Do homework during ovulation, and the chance of pregnancy is the largest.

2. When the basal body temperature changes

Develop the habit of measuring the basic body temperature, and draw an individual temperature curve. When the low temperature is transitioning at a high temperature, there will be a very low temperature. The time of this polar temperature is ovulation day, and children can be required at this time.

3. When the ovulation test paper is positive

You can use the ovulation test strip to test the ovulation date. When the ovulation test strip is strong, ovulation is usually ovulated within 24-48 hours. Seizing this opportunity, the chance of conception becomes greater.

4. When the white belt changes

Near the ovulation day, the leucorrhea will change, the leucorrhea increases, and it is transparent and thin, and it will slowly pull it. This situation means that the ovulation period is coming, which is very reliable.Even if menstruation is irregular, the same symptoms occur during ovulation.

5. Hidden pain in the abdomen

When the ovulation period is coming, some friends will have ovulation pain. When you feel the pain in the lower abdomen, it means that you need to shoot eggs, and you can quickly prepare time.

1. When women’s ovulation periods come, leucorrhea will increase significantly, and there will be changes in drawing, which is a very obvious change in the ovulation period.Secondly, women will find that the body temperature will rise during ovulation, and the temperature will be slightly higher than usual.

2. During ovulation, some women also experience symptoms such as decreased appetite, vigorous energy, and high sexual desire.If there is a need for fertility, you can go to the hospital to choose B -ultrasound to monitor the follicles, which is more accurate.

3. Women’s physical resistance during ovulation will decrease, and leucorrhea during ovulation will increase significantly.Be sure to pay attention to personal hygiene, change underwear, keep the vulva clean, and have your own towels to prevent infected with germs and cause your body to get sick.If there is no family planning during this period, contraceptive measures should be taken.

4. Some women may occur during ovulation during ovulation. This situation is physiological and does not need to be treated.However, if ovulation bleeds frequently, then there may be insufficient luteal function, it is recommended to check the level of sex hormone as soon as possible.

I believe everyone knows the above content. Many girls do not know that if we find their own ovulation period, we can monitor some of ovulation or go to the hospital for ovulation. This can more accurately find out the time of ovulation and make pregnancy easier.

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