How long have you been cheated by "Auntie"?The so -called menstrual taboos may be fake, you should know

I am always afraid of it, and the aunt who is afraid of it.If you want to spend this time smoothly, it is not an easy task, you have to follow it.

The periodic changes of endometrium are called menstrual cycles and are also human reproductive cycles.Usually the first day of menstruation until the day before the next menstrual period is called a menstrual cycle, each menstrual cycle is about 28 days.

It can be said that the menstrual period is a day when every woman must go through every month. When the aunt comes, some women’s young hearts are always tortured.Essence

1. Can eating sweets relieve dysmenorrhea?

Eating sweets can alleviate the pain of this rumor, it is probably passed from drinking "brown sugar water", but the "brown sugar water" can relieve dysmenorrhea because they are sweet! And not all female women can drink "brown sugar water" by drinking "brown sugar water".Relieve dysmenorrhea.Therefore, eating sweets can alleviate dysmenorrhea. Obviously, there is no scientific basis.

As mentioned earlier, menstrual blood contains many substances, and there are also blood.If the blood cannot be discharged from the body in time, it may condense into a blood clot.The color will also darker, usually because women can’t sit still in menstrual periods.Therefore, it is normal to have a small amount of thrombosis in the blood and have nothing to do with gynecological diseases.

3. Can’t you exercise for a holiday?

The answer is yes, but there are two prerequisites: no pain and normal quantity.In the physiological stage, women’s muscle strength decreases and its resistance decreases.If you have very serious abdominal pain, even if you are tired and you can’t get up, I suggest you not exercise.Honestly, lie down.

The first two -day menstrual flow is large, which is prone to menstrual pain.It’s best to rest.In the next few days, if the situation improves, you can continue to exercise.In fact, moderate exercise (such as fast walking) helps stimulate blood circulation, helps to empty menstrual blood, and relieve menstrual pain.Of course, compared with normal time, it is recommended to reduce exercise intensity and time.I usually jog for an hour instead of half an hour.However, not all exercises can be performed at the physiological stage.Some behaviors cannot be implemented and must be prohibited.

4. Dysmenorrhea disappears naturally after marriage?

"The dysmenorrhea has improved after marriage." Xu Du people are convinced, but in fact, few women get married to completely cure dysmenorrhea.More specifically, pregnancy and childbirth can effectively end the dysmenorrhea of most women.Pregnancy increases the uterus, contraction is no longer so severe, the endometrium is easier to fall off, and naturally it is not so painful.

Friendly posts: Foreign studies have shown that vitamins and minerals can effectively alleviate the symptoms of daily daily vitamins and minerals.Symptoms of female dysmenorrhea with stressful life are much more serious than those with relaxed and happy women.

5. Dysmenorrhea, can you take painkillers?

Most women have dysmenorrhea, which does not mean that they are unhealthy, and sometimes even doctors are powerless.However, if dysmenorrhea is more serious than ever, the symptoms exceed your ability, and the drug does not work. You must go to the hospital as soon as possible because you are likely to develop into endometriosis.

Friendly Tips: Some painkillers without steroids can effectively relieve dysmenorrhea and can be taken 1-2 days in advance.Dysmenorrhea reached its peak on the first and the next day.If the pain lasted until the third day and accompanied by symptoms such as more menstruation, you should seek medical treatment in time.

Although the rules are a kind of "torture" for many girls, as part of our body, it has extraordinary significance. We should think rationally, scientifically understand, dare to mention the rules, and to all "rumors" about the rules.No!

What do you feel when you come to see Dasao?Or the sisters have heard of "rumors" about the aunt?Leave a comment to prevent other sisters from stepping on the thunder.

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