How long has the moon passed, is it a good time for pregnancy?

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For the vast majority of women, it is very happy to have a child who belongs to themselves.But now compared with the past, the chance of infertility is gradually rising. According to survey data, the chance of couples in some cities has reached 12 %!

Whether the pregnancy can decide whether the sperm and egg can be successfully combined, there are hundreds of millions of sperm sperm, and only one egg can be excreted in adult healthy women in a month.In other words, if you miss the combination of eggs and sperm this month, then you have to wait a month to have a chance.

1. Calculate the ovulation period

Each woman has some grasps about her menstruation law. Assuming that the period of menstruation is exactly one month, that is, 30 days. If the 14th of this month comes, then the next month should be on the 14th.You can count about two weeks before the 14th next month, that is, at the end of this month, this time will happen to be the ovulation day of this woman.After the ovulation date is probably calculated, the so -called ovulation period is the so -called ovulation period before and after this date.

Of course, if you can’t understand the ovulation period by yourself, you can also go to the hospital for help: calculate at the beginning of menstruation, and after a week, go to the hospital to test the follicles, and the doctor can infer the ovulation period according to the follicles.Moreover, such a small inspection does not need to spend too much money!

If you do n’t want to go to the hospital if you are too busy, or you are afraid of going to the hospital, then there is another way to detect the ovulation yourself.It is inferred according to the body temperature: because under normal circumstances, the body temperature of the ovulation period is about 0.2 degrees Celsius higher than that of normal, and on the ovulation day, this temperature will suddenly decrease.In this way, as long as the body temperature is detected, it is easy to know the ovulation period.

2. Select the date of the house

After the ovulation period is calculated, can I do the house?Of course it won’t be so simple!The survival time of sperm should be slightly higher than the eggs. It is precisely because of this reason. Assuming that in the female ovulation daily house, it is very likely that the eggs are discharged in advance and the sperm has not been discharged.The quality is reduced, and the chance of getting pregnant will be reduced.

The best dates of the house should be selected on the day before the ovulation date. The time of this day is just to make up for the different time difference between sperm and eggs. In this way, sperm and eggs can be "on time".At this time, no matter which party is, the quality is relatively high, and the chance of pregnancy will become higher!

3. Precautions before the same room

A. Be sure to remember that there is no more intercourse before ovulation during ovulation. This time is at least a week, because this can ensure that the sperm has better quality.

B. Women have to have children, her uterus should be protected, so before having children, you can drink some Chinese medicine to take fetal medicine, which can make the pregnancy rate higher.

C. Women should not stay up late, and do not eat cold and spicy things, and feel good, otherwise it is not easy to conceive.

Finally, I hope that all the couple who wants the baby can successfully have a cute baby!

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